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The Number One Thing Someone Who Truly Loves You Wants In Return


If you ask me what is the greatest present that you can give to your loved one is your presence.

While you can physically hug your Smartphone or your laptop, the hug doesn’t release the so-needed endorphin like an actual hug between two people.

It is also easier to connect with people when you are talking face-to-face. You can understand them more because you hear their intonation, watch their body language, see a change in their mood and so on.

On the other hand, communicating by phone or messages doesn’t give you the whole picture and relationships can face problems due to misinterpretation of the text. And what about sending a wrong picture to your partner? It can destroy your relationship.

And there are so many Emojis today that one can get lost to find the right one. There are over twenty laughing emojis, and we are supposed to find the correct smile! I think that all of today’s technology serves to distance people instead of connecting them.

Of course, you can start a relationship and connect with someone by using technology, but the relationship must be taken on the next level – an actual date.

Because when it comes to relationships, nothing conquers spending time face-to-face with your partner. Nothing can replace your presence in the relationship. No gifts, nor money, no texting can replace the emotional bonding between two people who spend time together and do different and exciting things together.

Make memories instead of making phone calls! Treasure and nourish the special bond that you and your partner have. Measure your love with the time you spend together and the memories that you two share. Don’t measure it by the frequency of their texts and calls.

Mary Wright


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