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No One Is Born Tough: It’s Life’s Challenges That Shape Us And Give Us Our Strength

No One Is Born Tough: It’s Life’s Challenges That Shape Us And Give Us Our Strength

Strong people.

Do you know what makes them so different than the rest?

It’s not that they’ve been born that way. It’s not that they’ve had more opportunities and privileges in life. They didn’t have it as easy as you think. In fact, quite on the contrary… these people have been through much more than you can imagine. They’ve been through hell many times, but always found a way to get themselves out. That is what made them the people they are today. That is how they’ve built their strength, how they’ve developed character, and became fearless.

With each challenge, they only grew mentally and emotionally.

With each struggle, they only thrived.

Here are some of the most inspiring traits that strong people possess:

1. They know and love their flaws. Their goal is not to be perfect, but to be human. To experience everything that life has to offer. To feel each and every emotion inside their bodies. To enjoy the light in their lives, but to also survive the dark days… To be exactly who they are, no matter what anyone tells them to be. They are strong because they appreciate their imperfections and learn from their mistakes.

2. They believe in themselves. Strong people know strengths, but they also know their weaknesses. And they embrace them as a part of their nature. These individuals know exactly what they want from life and they know how to get it. It’s their inner voice that guides them through life’s journey and their will that keeps them going.

3. They are aware that as humans, they make mistakes. And that no matter how much they learn and grow, they will always make mistakes. What they do differently than the rest is that instead of letting their failures discourage them,  they choose to treat them as stepping stones.

4. They don’t need to be validated by others to know they are worthy. They don’t need to be acknowledged by people to feel good about themselves. Their happiness comes from within. It is something that only they create. Something that no one could take away from them.

5. They are not afraid to feel what they feel. They are not afraid to experience their emotions in all their fullness. For they know that they are there to remind them that they are alive. That after all, we are all humans. And that to feel means to exist. Emotions are the path to our souls and through them, we metamorphose.

6. They are honest and have pure intentions. The truth is the only thing they believe in. Because these beautiful souls know that honesty will take you anywhere and open million iron doors for you. Not only that, but it will also enrich your life and give you the peace that you need. Being honest is a very virtuous and admirable trait. Especially in today’s world.

7. They work on changing and bettering themselves, not others. Their first and foremost goal in life is growth. Growth through a lot of struggles, a lot of work, a lot of hardships and a lot of lessons. Strong people live their lives searching for meaning. Their focus is always on their journey, never on other people. Their goal is not to better by others, but to better than they used to be. To change, to shift, to improve, to flourish.

Stephanie Reeds