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I Am Slowly Learning That Not Reacting To Everything Is The Key To Inner Peace

No One Is Born Tough: It’s Life’s Challenges That Shape Us And Give Us Our Strength

It took my entire life to get here. Throughout my journey,  I’ve lost many parts of myself. At times, it even felt like I was beginning to lose myself. It was hard. It was pretty damn intense, to be quiet honest.

But now I can gladly say that after a long time of falling, getting up, and learning in that process, I’ve got it. And this is my hopeful attempt to start reclaiming all my power, all the joy, dignity, confidence, and peace that I’ve lost all of these years.

This is me saying goodbye to that old me who desperately wanted to be heard. That old, rebellious me that wanted to show people her voice, power, and strength… But instead, wasted precious years on trying to prove herself to society…

This is me finally learning to control my impulses and respond more thoughtfully.

Everything is energy. Everything flows, vibrates, resonates. Everything around us is alive. And it is true, what you vibrate, you attract. And what you attract, you ultimately become…

So, no. I will no longer waste my precious energy responding to negativity. I refuse to let the environment exhaust my positivity. Instead of trying to win arguments and prove myself to people, I now choose to walk away. To walk away with my head high up and focus on me. On self-care, self-development, self-acceptance, self-control, self-love.

I am done putting myself out there. I am done taking everything so personally. I am done reacting to provocations. I am done letting people’s behavior trigger my emotions. I am done giving them the green light to hurt me. I am finally in control of myself. It’s not the type of control where one simply isolates from the world, ignores their emotions and pretend everything is cool. It’s the type of control where one tries to get in touch with their feelings, with their own soul, and understand more about what they’ve been going through for such a long time.

This is something that I’ve always needed to do for myself, so here I am… I am finally doing it.

Not everyone deserves love. And not everyone deserves my attention or my anger.

So, this is me finally choosing to take care of myself. To distance and protect my entire being from anyone that wishes to do me harm.

If you too have noticed a change in me, that’s good. Know that from now on, this is the new me. No more frustrations, no more desperate attempt to prove something, no more useless discussions, no more wasted energy, no more stress, no more negativity.

This is my metanoia. My journey to inner peace.

This is me taking a deep breath and starting all over again…

Stephanie Reeds