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Never Make Yourself Convenient For Someone Who Doesn’t Make You A Priority


Don’t fall into the trap of an almost relationship. You know the kind… the one where you love someone who occasionally loves you back. Don’t fall for a person like this and let them consume your body, mind, and soul. They don’t deserve your love.

Don’t hurt yourself and stress over unanswered calls and texts. Don’t think that there is something wrong with you. It is not. It is just that you two are not a good match and there is someone else out there who will be perfect with you because they will be ready to give you all the love you deserve.

Don’t fall for someone who is not there to catch you. Don’t be always there for someone who only contacts you when is convenient for them. Don’t be convenient. You deserve someone who will make you a priority, not a convenience.

You can love someone with your whole heart and care about them endlessly, but if they treat you like an option then they are not worthy of you and your time. You need someone who will love you with the same intensity as you love them. Someone who will be there for you through good times and bad times.

No one deserves to be loved half-heartedly. You are not meant for half-assed things and half-assed relationships and therefore don’t allow them into your life. Don’t make a priority someone who makes you an option.

You are neither too little nor too much. You are a wonderful human being that deserves someone who will appreciate you.

You deserve someone who will be there for you like you have been there for them. Someone who will make you feel loved and special, not worthless and broken. Someone who is passionate to be with you as much as you are with them.

You deserve someone who won’t make you wait for them to text you back, but they will be more than happy to start and end their day with a text from you. You deserve to be a priority in someone’s life and never settle for anything less than that.

You will find what you are looking for.

Mary Wright