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Being Alone For Some Time Made Me Realize That I Am Truly Happy On My Own


I don’t give a damn what people think about singlehood and I honestly don’t care how they look at me. Being single after a long period of failed relationships, wrong partners and bad choices feels like flying. It feels like freedom.

So, once you get a taste of that freedom, it is difficult to get back to being with someone. You no longer feel the need to find someone who would make you happy, because you now know that your happiness is within you.

If you ask me, single life is a phase that everyone must experience.

Here’s why being alone for a while made me realize that I am perfectly happy on my own:

1. I have a lot of fun on my own. I’ve realized that I don’t need people around me to have a good time. I can do that on my own and I do it pretty well. I am truly comfortable being with myself. I don’t need a relationship to make my life happier. I have myself and my friends for that.

2. I love the fact that I can make my own decisions without taking another person into consideration. Not to sound selfish, but I really enjoy the fact that singlehood gives me the freedom to do whatever the hell I want with my life. I get to navigate my life the way I want to. I can make myself happy as no one else could.

3. My schedule is very flexible. I don’t have to feel bad for not having time to go out with a guy. I don’t have to deal with jealousy. I don’t even have to worry about how someone would feel if I need some time on my own. Being single gives me the freedom to be very flexible with my time.

4. Being alone motivates me to everything that I had ever dreamed of. It’s not that being in a relationship demotivates me from chasing my dreams. I’ve never ever been with someone who had something against my career path. But you have to admit it, it is quite different when you are alone. You feel more empowered to do the things that you’ve always wanted.

5. I feel more productive and focused on my career. I am in this phase in my life where I feel very good about myself. I am moving forward, I am expanding my mind, I am learning new things every day and I work hard on my dreams. I would never ever trade that for something else.

6. I am in control of my life and my finances. Everything I do is my own personal decision. I am in charge of my finances. I decide where and how I am going to spend my money. I am the one who has the final say in everything. That is all I need in my life at the moment.

7. I am entirely focused on inner growth. Being alone provides me with enough time and energy to finally reflect on myself and focus on my inner development. It’s not that I am swearing off men for life… it’s just, right now, I need this in my life.  This is what moves me, what inspires me to thrive, what motivates me to be myself and what gives me the courage to explore the depths of my soul.

8. I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t really think that I can put all my feelings into words. But all I know is that I’ve never ever felt the way I feel now. I am whole on my own. I am happy with where I am right now. And I am truly excited about walking this path on my own. There is no place I would rather be right now. This is my journey and I am genuinely excited to see where it will take me.

Stephanie Reeds