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Mixed Signals Are Plain Childish – Real Relationships Take Time And A Lot Of Effort 


I don’t understand what’s happening, and I do not get modern dating.

Truthfully, I’m sickened by it. I don’t know if I was born in a whole different era than my moral values, but it’s giving me the creeps.

What’s with all the mystery, peeps?

Why are you so afraid to love the way it’s supposed to be?

Wholeheartedly, with genuine, and raw emotions involved.

Excuse me, but I’m not amused, nor will I ever be attracted by your hard-to-get games. I might be old-fashioned, but when it comes to relationships, I firmly stick to the golden rule “all or nothing”.

I don’t consider someone who takes days to answer my call/text as an attractive person. Or for that matter a kind one. That is downright rude behavior.

I don’t want to spend hours of giving the obvious signs that I like someone, only to be left guessing and deciphering whether they liked me back. I want you to have the guts to look me in the eyes and show me what’s in there.

Even if there isn’t anything left for me. That’s fine. I just need someone who’d be brave to be sincere. No stupid, childish games. No mixed signals. Just the truth.

I cherish effort. Unconditional, exceptional, rare-as-a-blue-moon kind of effort. And I find it truly special and unusual these days. Just because the world is so goddamn ignorant of those core values nowadays. Just because most people lack that certain effort in their relationships. 

I want a person who’d fight for me. I want someone who would want me so bad, that nothing would ever stop them from being with me.

A person who would never give up on me. I need someone who would look me in the eyes and tell me all the wonderful and not-so-wonderful reasons about why they love me.

My heart profoundly desires a person who would never ever be afraid to reveal their deepest emotions. Someone who’d delightfully remove their ego for the sake of our love. I want someone to whom I could give all of this and even more.

But, it is so damn hard to find these people nowadays. And, naturally, most of you figured: Why bother spending our lives searching for these ‘beautiful unicorns’, when we can pretend we’re having a relationship with someone who lies and cheats behind our backs?

I’m sorry, but it is the ugly truth. I keep seeing more and more people settling in with toxic and miserable individuals who only exist for the sole purpose of mistreating other people.

As if ghosting on people is the new, trending method for keeping someone obedient in a relationship. One day they’re here, the next they’re gone out of the window.

And, you dare calling that a sexy and seductive, hard-to-get game?

Well, I’ll be damned, but I’ll never allow to expose myself to such dirty tricks.

Mixed signals are not the way to lure me in. And no, I’m not going to fall in love with your alluring charisma and your rude inconsistency. If I see that you aren’t paying attention to me, I’ll assume you’re not interested.

And if I catch you flirting with other people, it won’t make me like you more because you’re Oh so charismatic and handsome, and everybody likes you.

You’ll only succeed to make me realize what an immature, and rude player (jerk) you are. And I won’t waste a single second on you.

The general society is projecting an image that the minute you show someone a tiny bit of affection, they might go running for the hills and never come back. But, It’s not true.

People who behave that way are usually the most immature and inexperienced individuals. The ones who clearly don’t have a clue of what they want from life.

For me, there isn’t anything more exciting than undressing your soul in front of another person. The freedom of being able to show all of your wounds, scratches, war injuries, fears, genuine emotions.

And the outstanding joy to finally have a person who’s willing to stay beside you and glue all of your tinniest broken pieces together.

I don’t want someone who’ll make me feel like I’m not good enough. I don’t want a person who would make me question myself.

I need someone who will make me realize that I’m the only person in the world for them.

A person who’ll make the effort to keep moving forward even when we face the hardest of obstacles.

Someone who won’t let anyone or anything stand between us.

A person who’ll have the guts to love me in the most intense and purest form.

Stephanie Reeds


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