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Loving An Extrovert? Prepare For The Most Exciting Time Of Your Life


When you love an extrovert, you love a person who enjoys taking you out. You love a person who gives all of their time and energy to come up with something interesting that you could do together. You can be sure that your dates would be always fun and exciting.

When you love an extrovert, you love someone who does everything in their power to win you over time and time again. If you are dating an extrovert, prepare for many lovely nights with wining and dining. An extrovert won’t stop working to keep the spark between you alive even when they are sure that you love them, and they have won you over.

Because they know that they have something rare and beautiful. And they are not willing to let you go.

When you are in love with an extrovert, you are in love with someone who will parade you around because they are happy and proud to be with you and they want the whole world to know that. They will entice all your senses and seduce you with their charm and their zest for life.  

Dating an extrovert means going on candlelit dinners with them and never skipping dessert. An extrovert is someone who will prolong the evening as long as they can before grabbing your hand and taking you to someplace private where they can overflow you with kisses and hugs.

When an extrovert is in love with you, they will eagerly invite you to their home. They will share everything with you. They want you to know that even though they are extroverts and outgoing, they also enjoy a quiet night at home, and they do have a rich inner life. After all, no one is an extrovert all the time.

After every party, there is a way back home. After everything is said and done, there is a deafening silence. For every drunken night, there is a hangover the next morning. There is a loneliness that makes the extrovert to go after what they are missing in others.

So, when an extrovert falls in love with you, it means that their search for true love and happiness is over because they see you as an embodiment of everything they desired.

You can be sure that the extrovert is with you for genuine reasons. They are with you because they love you, not because they need attention or validation from you. They won’t see you as a rebound or as an ego boost because they have no need for it – they already have many surface levels connections and interactions with many people because of their bubbly and friendly personality.

If an extrovert loves you, you’ll have nothing less than the deepest connection of two souls.

When you are in a relationship with an extrovert, you should accept their loud and sometimes obnoxious nature. It means not getting jealous when they try to cheer up a friend, and instead respect their loyalty. It means not getting mad when they pull a joke on you to make a show, and instead, admiring their sense of humor and their desire to make you laugh.

Loving an extrovert is a wonderful experience. It means being someone’s safe space, their refuge from the crowd. It means seeing the parts of them that they are not showing to anyone else.

So, if you are in love with an extrovert and they love you too, you can be sure that the connection between you is one of a kind. Your love is really something special and worth fighting for.

Mary Wright