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Love Is Not About Effort – Plus 6 Other Essential Truths That You Need To Remember About Relationships Once And For All


1. Love is not about time. It is never about being with someone only because it is comfortable and familiar. Love is not about familiarity. What matters most is the compatibility between partners. You could spend your entire life saying that your perfect partner is your best friend because you are the most comfortable with them, but life has a weird turn of events and you could end up with someone with whom you never thought you’ll get along.

2. Love is not about effort. Yes, we can all agree that effort is an important thing in a relationship. But, it is not the basis of the relationship. If you don’t feel a connection in your heart, it doesn’t matter how much effort the other person is putting into the relationship. You can’t force someone to be in a relationship with you no matter how hard you try.

3. Consistency is very important. You can’t be giving, considerate, romantic at the beginning, and then (after the relationship is established) just stop. It doesn’t work like that. Relationships are on-going processes that require consistency between partners.

4. Probably the most important thing in a relationship is respect. I firmly believe that you can’t love someone if you don’t respect them. If you don’t respect your partner, then why are you in a relationship with them in the first place?

5. Another crucial thing – trust. You can’t have a solid relationship without trust. It will never work. Simple as that.

6. People say that the best foundation for a lasting relationship is friendship – and they are right. When your partner is at the same time your best friend that’s the best kind of a relationship. You share your deepest thoughts with them without being afraid that they will judge you or misunderstand you.

7. Communication. Always, always make time to really communicate with your partner. Don’t let a day pass you by without hearing their voice and asking them how their day went. After all, honest communication is one of the most important keys to a happy and successful relationship.

Mary Wright


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