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Losing A Mother Is Like Having Your Heart Split In Two: Give Yourself Time To Grieve

Losing A Mother Is Like Losing A Part Of Yourself: Give Yourself Time To Grieve

Mothers… The most important human beings in our lives.

Our caregivers, our guardian angels, our soulmates, our best friends, our entire worlds.

They give us life, nurture us, raise us, dress us, sacrifice themselves for us, fight for us, hold us, support us, advise us when we are about to make a mistake, pick us up, push us forward give us strength… Most importantly, they love us unconditionally. All that we are as people, all that we’ve achieved and learned in life, we owe it to them. There is no other person out there that loves you more than your mother. And it is my opinion that there is no person out there that you can love more than you love your mother…

So when people say that losing their mother feels like having their heart ripped from their chest and split in two, I believe that.

I believe it because I cannot imagine my life without my precious angel – My mother.

Sadly, we all have different paths in life. And while life gives, it also takes away. And sometimes, it takes away exactly that. The people that we love and care about the most.

Personally, I am one of the lucky ones. Both my parents are alive and well and I have the privilege to live near them and see them as much as I like. And I consider that a real blessing. One of life’s greatest treasures.

However, I know a lot of people who cannot say the same. People who have been forced to face the loss of their parents from a very young age. People who have been torn apart. People who would do anything, and I mean literally anything to see or hear their mother or father for just one last time… It hurts me to see them like that, it hurts me to hear their voice trembling when they talk about their loss. It hurts me too see them how they go through life… But, I know that deep down, the suffering is inevitable…

You can try to bury your feelings and pretend that everything is good. You can try to move on leaving all of that in the past. You can try to ignore those subjects. You can try to focus on something else in order to escape reality… But in the end, you know that the pain will always be there. It will always haunt you and weigh you down. And it will keep on haunting you until you finally embrace it and let it speak to you.

If you are one of these people… I am here for you.

Losing a mother is a traumatizing and life-changing experience.

After that, your life will never feel the same again. You will never feel the same again…

So, it is okay. It’s okay to feel the way that you feel. It’s okay to be lost. It’s okay to not feel like starting over again. It is okay to want to give up. You are human after all.

There will be moments when you’ll feel like you can’t move forward without her.

There will be moments when you’ll be too weak to even imagine life on your own.

There will be moments when it will be hard to take care of yourself.

But it’s okay. It’s all a part of your grieving process. It’s all a part of life. You lost a piece of yourself and now you are trying to recover. Take your time. Take as much time as you need to mourn and then move on when you feel like it…

Stephanie Reeds