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Life Is Short: Hold On To What Truly Matters And Let Go Of What Doesn’t

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Unfortunately, more often than not, we take things, including life, for granted. We’ve become a society that has forgotten the real value of life and how much we should appreciate it.

Life is short. It’s fragile. It’s unpredictable. It can be stable one second and throw countless obstacles, problems, and pains your way the next. Bad things can happen at any time and no one is immune to tragedy and loss in this life.

I lost a friend when we were both 17. Since then, I’ve thought about him almost every day.

Thinking about him and the time we spent together sometimes makes me feel sad. Sometimes I can’t stop laughing at the thought of some funny characteristic that he had or some hilarious moment that we shared. And sometimes I only think about how greatly I miss him.

We had a wonderful friendship. As kids, we spent the afternoons playing volleyball until it got dark outside. And then we’d go to my house or his to play cards or listen to music and talk about boys and girls.

As we grew up, the excitement and the joy our friendship was filled with only built up. We shared every happy and sad moment of our lives with each other. We laughed. We cried. We always helped and supported each other. We were always there for each other. Indeed, he was the most genuine and loyal friend you could wish to have.

It was unfair that he was taken away from all of us who loved him so dearly. But, thinking about him very often makes me perceive life in a clearer way, though. It helps me easily distinguish between what truly matters in life and what doesn’t. It makes me become more aware of how valuable life is.

Thinking about him makes me become more aware of the fact that no one lives forever. Our loved ones won’t always be there to experience life with us. And no one can promise us that we’ll enjoy forever the health that we enjoy today. 

Thinking about him also helps me realize that too much of the time, we postpone things until tomorrow as if we have an unlimited amount of time to fulfill our dreams.

Thinking about him also helps me realize that we all need to live in and cherish the present moment. We need to be grateful for what we already have in life. We need to be grateful for the people who genuinely love us and care about us.

We need to be more aware of and grateful for all our achievements and successes, both small and big. We need to be grateful for all the blessings and rewards God, the universe, faith, or whatever you prefer to call it, sends our way each and every day, check this Best Quotes – Life is Short – Do what you Love!

Thinking about him also makes me realize that there’s no point in holding on to things that don’t truly matter in life. There’s no point in carrying disappointment, regret, envy, anger, or bitterness in our hearts. Because these toxic emotions can suck the happiness out of us.

There’s no point, too, in having regrets about our past mistakes. Because they’re a valuable part of life. If you hadn’t made them, you wouldn’t be the wise, strong, and resilient person you are today.

There is no point in wondering what the future has in store for us because this only drains our energy. Because no one has the answer to this question.

There’s no point in holding on to people that are only standing in the way of our happiness and success. People that don’t deserve our kindness, compassion, and respect. People that don’t even deserve a second of our attention.

There’s no point in holding on to people that will sooner or later break our hearts and leave us. People who couldn’t care less about us. People that are not meant to stay in our lives forever.

There is no point in holding on to anything that fills our lives with negativity, affects our self-esteem, and destroys our happiness.

All of this should be reason enough to make time for what truly matters in life and let go of what doesn’t.

So, let’s make time for the people we hold dear.

Let’s make time for ourselves.

Let’s make time for our goals and dreams.

Because life is short. That’s why we should do everything in our power to make the most of it.

Riley Cooper