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Kittenfishing – The Latest Dating Trend You’ve Probably Experienced Without Knowing


Kittenfishing… It’s a thing now. And it’s the light version of catfishing.

So, if catfishing is someone pretending to be a completely different person than they really are when talking to people online, then kittenfishing is presenting oneself and their life in the best light possible.

Maybe it’s something they do intentionally, like lying about their age, height, or their job. Or, perhaps they are just so focused on impressing others that they mispresent themselves unknowingly.

You’ve probably experienced this. You’ve met someone online and they presented themselves as a very nurturing and kind person, but when you met them in person you found that they were nothing but an arrogant and selfish snob.  

We are left wondering whether people who do the kittenfishing think that it’s harmless and that a white lie never hurt anybody. Or, maybe they think if they post a picture from 2 years ago when they were feeling the most attractive that they can grab someone’s attention quicker.

But, the problem is that they are not doing any favors with this. They are only harming the potential of a relationship with their love interest because sooner or later they’d have to meet them in person and their lie will be exposed.

Why do people do this?

Often, it’s because deep down – they are insecure. So, they do it because they want to feel good about themselves. It gives them a false sense of self-confidence. And it also heightens their chances of meeting someone in this competitive world of dating.

“For starters, dating is a competitive sport — and we feel the pinch,” says Chris Armstrong, a relationship coach.

“So, we resort to embellishment. We do what we need to gain an edge. Second, to this, we believe it is harmless and that our charm and wit will win out in the end. ‘I know I’m not really 6’2 but she’ll love my sense of humor.’ Lastly, we lack confidence.

We perceive and believe that if we show the real us, we will get little to no ‘bites’. It becomes a vicious cycle really — imagine having low confidence and being in a competitive dating world. Not only are you not high on yourself but you also worry that others will steal your future wife or husband.”

What are your thoughts on this? Have you practiced this trend? Or have someone kittenfish you? Share with us in the comments.

Mary Wright