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Keeping A Distance From Toxic People Is Not Wrong, It’s An Act Of Self-Care

Keeping A Distance From Toxic People Is Not Wrong, It’s An Act Of Self-Care

Toxic people sense good-hearted people from a mile’s distance. They have this radar that detects you and attracts you like a magnet. Manipulative people, narcissists, they sense a good heart and they leech to it.

If you are selfless, dedicated, a sympathetic listener, toxic people will use that to their advantage.

First, they will pose as modest, gentle, servile, and sensitive to lure you in and gain your confidence, and then they will start knitting their toxic net of lies and manipulations. 

The difference between you and them is that their sensitivity and good-heartedness are just mimicked, performed. Dishonesty is like a synonym for a toxic person. 

What toxic people do, is they coerce you into doing everything for them – from a tiny little favor to putting them a priority and forgetting that you also have a family and a regular job to attend.

They leave you exhausted after every encounter and you don’t realize it’s them; you think it’s because you’ve had a rough day at work or because you haven’t slept well, but in reality, it’s them.

The endless swallower of joy, the tyrant. The never-pleased overthrower.

They lay the blame on everyone but themselves. Their compliments are staged, twisted. If they are complimenting you, it’s only because they have a hidden intention; they have something in mind they want to achieve. 

So keeping a distance from them, trying to avoid them, is not a selfish thing to do – it’s an act of self-care. 

The reason most people don’t do it, in the beginning, is because they think they are the problem. Toxic people blame them, so they overcompensate, they apologize.

But remember, it’s why they chose you – they know you will put up with every little need no matter how absurd it is they have because you don’t know otherwise, but that has to stop.

Break free as soon as you can. Break that circle they entrapped you in and don’t give a damn if other people judge you. Your mental health is much more important.

Toxic people will blame it all on you, they will gossip about you, they will call you names, but the sooner you stop paying attention to them, the sooner they will get bored and will try to find another victim. 

Nora Connel