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It’s Your Fault That You Lost Her And Now She Is Gone Forever


How did you not see her qualities? How did you not see that she is everything you wanted? How did you not see the spark in her eyes and her love for you?

You let her go. You lost her. And it’s your fault. You were the one who wanted to see her strong and independent personality as an issue. Because you were afraid. Because you couldn’t handle her. Because it was easier for you to leave than deal with her intensity and understand her pure heart.

She was a woman who showed how much she loved you by pushing you forward and out of your comfort zone. She wanted you to succeed. She wanted you to follow your dreams and passions. That’s why she never hesitated to call you out every time you were not living up to your full potential.

She never sugarcoated anything. She was always sincere and blunt and maybe that’s the reason why you failed to see how much she loved you. Her love had the power to change both of you for the better. She was it. She was worth it. But back then, you couldn’t see that so you started looking to find love and happiness elsewhere.

You wanted the easy life. You wanted someone who will stay silent at your mistakes. Someone to whom you could place the blame. And you can say that you cared about her and you were the perfect gentleman as much as you want, but the truth is that you quickly abandoned her after you filled her with doubts and insecurities.

You got her to a point when she suffocated herself while trying to save you from drowning and heal your traumas. It was not long before her pain turned into anger, but you weren’t able to see that it was all because of you.

So, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and moved on. She couldn’t wait anymore to become the man you needed to be to have a healthy relationship with her. She couldn’t love for the both of you. Love has to be reciprocated and both parties to be equally invested for it to bloom. She could no longer fight alone.

This woman was so strong and she would have fought every obstacle and weathered any storm with you. Sadly, for you, this woman also has boundaries and she doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her or take her for granted.

You will regret losing this woman when you realize that she is gone forever, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Mary Wright