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It’s Not All Negative: Coronavirus Teaches Us To Be More Humane


Coronavirus has become our enemy. We fear it. We run from it. It is evil and disastrous. It takes away people’s lives. It makes people suffer and fight for their life.

However, it is not all negative. This virus has also many positive benefits because it awakens the humane side in us. Madonna has called it “the great equalizer” meaning this virus doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, healthy or sane, black or white… everyone is in this together.

Some say that children are the least affected by it because this virus attacks only the irresponsible. Those that don’t follow the rules. Those that think they are unbreakable.

This virus makes the younger take care of the older. It makes them think of their parents and grandparents and think of their health and their wellbeing instead of their own.

It forces us to rest and be patient. It slows us down. It takes us away from our workplaces and into our homes. Our homes become our offices. We work around our family and we are with our children all the time.

Covid-19 makes us spend our free time with our family. It gives the married couples, partners, friends, and neighbors an opportunity to better know each other. It gives us time for love.

It teaches us what’s important in life and it fixes our priorities. It makes us responsible for our health. It makes us stick together and learn how to protect ourselves and our dearest ones.

It stops us from rushing. The world is finally slowing down. The cities have time to recover from all the noise and dirt that we are leaving behind. And it is all beautiful. Nature is cleaning itself and the animals are free. The roads are empty and there are fewer accidents.

It threw us from the cafeteria, the restaurants, and the casinos.

It makes us more humane. It reminds us that other people’s lives as also important.

It teaches us that it doesn’t matter how rich we are, because all the money in the world, the fancy cars, and the yachts can’t save us.

It opens our eyes, minds, and hearts. It teaches us that when something bad happens to another country, another continent, another population that is far away from us, in reality, it is closer than we can imagine.  

It makes nations to collaborate and help each other.

It makes us better people.

It teaches us love, compassion, and empathy.

It makes us human.

Mary Wright