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It’s Difficult To Love A Woman Who’s Been Through Hell And Back

It’s Difficult To Love A Woman Who’s Been Through Hell And Back

Many men have tried to make it work with this woman but most of them have terribly failed at it.

The weak won’t even try with her because they know it’ll take them an incredible strength of character to handle her. They’ll always need more of what they have – more resilience, more strength, more courage, more persistence, more determination, more understanding, more love, more staying power.

This woman needs a love that is courageous and relentless. One of passion. One of immense trust and invincibility.

Because the woman who’s been to hell and back will push everyone away. She will test everyone because she is very careful with her heart and who she lets in. More than anything, she wants to know whether the man in front of her has what it takes to be in her life.

Because this woman is like a hurricane. Extremely unpredictable at times. Sometimes she is calm, quiet, and gentle. Other times she is a divine force of nature that moves on the rage of her pain and removes everyone who crosses her path.

When she is calm and peaceful – love her.

When she wreaks havoc and is a violent storm – love her more.

She is a perfect mess of contradictions. She is a beautiful pendulum that forever swings between her fears of abandonment and her fears of suffocation – never being able to find a healthy balance between the two.

And even though she looks like the most confident woman, deep down she is insecure. Of course, she’ll never want anyone to know that, but she wants to cuddle, she wants to be held and kissed on the forehead while being scared to lose her space, solitude, and independence.

When she wants to be with you – love her.

When she distances herself from you – love her more.

New people, places and situations could make her feel overwhelmed and anxious. She really wants to overcome her fears and not be so scared of everything and anyone. She wants someone who will be there to catch her and make her believe again when she loses her faith.

She lives in a world of fear of being too much and not being enough.

When she is brave and wants to take on the world – love her.

When she is scared and pushes you away – love her more.

There are times when she is light, and the happiness shines through her eyes. She laughs so contagiously that everyone wants to be in her company. Other times, she is hurting so much that all the past trauma and pain dim her light and there is only darkness around her.

When she is the light – love her.

When she is the darkness – love her more.

She’ll always hold herself back and love with caution. She doesn’t allow herself to go all in and trust someone unconditionally because she’s been hurt many times.

Instead, she’ll watch her partner carefully expecting him to leave her first. Because she had people in her life who abandoned her sooner or later. Thus, she’ll try to sabotage her relationship because she fears being hurt again and left out in the cold. She will always seek to find reasons to leave before she is left. 

When she loves you – love her.

When she tries to hurt you with her words and actions – love her more.

This woman is a control freak. She wants to be in total control of everything. Never make the mistake of making her feel powerless or trapped. Let her be. Let her enjoy her freedom. If you let her have her wings and fly, she will always fly back to you.

Because this woman doesn’t need you. She has chosen you.

And if she has chosen you, then you have what it takes to be with her.

Because even when at times she is hard to love, you know how to love her harder and not give up.

Mary Wright