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It Is Time For You To Cut Ties With Your Toxic Friend

Friend Is Toxic For Your Emotional And Mental Wellbeing

When we talk about toxic connections and relationships, we often think of romantic ones. Of course, there are many people who are involved in unhealthy and toxic relationships, but there are also those who have toxic friendships that are extremely bad for their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Below are 5 warning signs that show your friend is toxic and you need to remove yourself from the connection for your own good.

1. You often feel like you have to beg for their time.

Yes, we all have busy schedules and we live busy lives, but let’s face it – we make time for the people and things that matter to us. If your friend is not giving you the time of day and you always feel like you have to beg to hang out with them, then it means that your friend is not respecting you as much as you do. It also means that your friend is not valuing your friendship, therefore making it toxic for you.

2. You always have to be very sensitive and considerate with them.

Of course, everyone wants to be treated with consideration and respect, but I am talking about unreasonable measures. When your friend is super sensitive and requires extreme amounts of consideration for their behavior because otherwise, they will start a fight, that is not a healthy friendship. If you always feel like you must walk on eggshells around them then something is very wrong in your connection i.e. your friend is toxic, and they are mentally and emotionally draining you.

3. You often find yourself making excuses for them and justifying their obnoxious behavior.

When you find yourself justifying and making excuses for their bad behavior, you do it because you want to explain to yourself why you still spend time with them. Deep down, you know they are toxic, but you don’t want to admit that because you still want them in your life.

4. They make you feel like you don’t deserve them.

If a person really cared about you, they would make you feel loved and secure. They would make you feel like you matter and that you are important to them. When your friend points out your flaws and shortcomings and makes you feel inadequate to be their friend, then they are toxic for you and you should walk away from the friendship because it does you more harm than good.

5. You feel anxious whenever you are around them or thinking about them.

A healthy relationship or a friendship should make you feel happy, loved, understood, secure, and cared for. When you feel anxious around your partner or friend it means that you cannot trust them or count on them in any way. The connection is toxic, and you need to cut it off for your own good.

If you find yourself feeling this way, you have a toxic friend in your life and you must protect yourself from their negative influence by cutting ties with them.

Mary Wright