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Introverts Are Not Just Extremely Loyal, They Are Good Listeners Too

Introverts Are True Gems: Visionary And Energy Conscious

Introverts are shy and rather reserved people. They tend to avoid parties, social gatherings, and spotlights, but they are unquestionably great to be around. Here’s why:

1. They are active listeners.

Introverts are good and patient listeners. They listen without interrupting and offer understanding in a very calming, soothing manner. This is their specialty.

2. They are mysterious and keep to themselves.

Introverts have this mystery-vibe that surrounds them and it’s what makes them so interesting, charming, and captivating.

It’s the unknown that attracts us for it seems so exotic and that is the reason why these people are so appealing. The best part is that this comes naturally to them; they are not trying to be mysterious at all – it’s somehow a part of them.

3. They are visionary and think outside the box.

Because introverts appreciate their “alone time” more than anything, they are outstandingly creative and insightful. Usually, they have great ideas and are outstandingly intelligent – spending quite a lot of time by yourself can make you a creative genius indeed.

4. They are extremely loyal.

Introverts are not high on having a wide circle of friends to hang out with. Instead, they’ll choose a few people they can really bond with and they will devote their heart, their time, and their energy to them.

That means none of those superficial social gatherings or obnoxious partying with a bunch of people you haven’t even seen in your life before.

5. They can sense other people’s energy. 

They can sense if someone is sad or angry or uncomfortable. They are highly sensitive and think twice before saying something. After all, words are like sledgehammers: breaking and hurting if you do not use them carefully. 

6. They are daydreamers.

These people can spend hours in their own world daydreaming. This is one reason why people may come to think introverts are quirky or weird. In fact, daydreaming is how they refuel their energy and how they come up with the most creative ideas and solutions.

7. They are highly vigilant.

By being so observant, they have an eye for details, they always know what you want or need, and they are willing to get that for you.

Moreover, introverts use this vigilance for creative expression and for the acquisition of edgy perspectives. 

Nora Connel