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Inside The Complex Mind Of The Girl With A Good Heart

Inside The Complex Mind Of The Girl With A Good Heart

I am going to cut to the chase. You have work to do my man.

Loving a girl with a complex mind is a real challenge. Once she sees what you are doing for her, she is going to appreciate the effort you put into your relationship. And once she feels that she is changing, she won’t let you go.

If you want to win the heart of a girl with a complex mind and a really good heart, then you will need a great amount of patience. This girl is not like the rest of the girls. She is a thousand-piece puzzle.

Here are some things that you should bear in mind:

1. She is afraid to express her feelings.

Talk to her about her feelings and thoughts. She wants to tell you how she feels, but she is afraid and she needs time. That is why you need to be open with her and understand her. As time passes, you will encourage her to open up to you.

2. She overthinks stuff in her head.

Overthinking is her superpower. She is an expert when it comes to over-analyzing things in her head. The reason she is doing that is that she wants to protect herself. She doesn’t trust others easily and that is one of the main reasons she analyzes every word you say and replays stories in her mind over and over again.

3. She is going to challenge you.

Don’t feel weird if she doesn’t laugh at all of your jokes. Sometimes she takes things for granted, she acts like reserved. She won’t fall for your words and love you immediately. She needs time. That’s why she is not like the other girls. She is not going to change herself for you. And moreover, she won’t do anything to make you like her. She will be herself all the way and that is why you should try even harder to win her heart.

4. She is sometimes difficult to handle.

It’s true that she is difficult to deal with and even difficult to keep. But, be sure that she will love you like no one ever has. With a real man ready to win her heart, she will truly transform herself into a beautiful flower in the garden. With a real man by her side, she will calm her complex mind.

5. She is going to notice everything you do for her.

She is the type of girl who loves and appreciates the little things in life. She doesn’t want expensive gifts and expensive dates. She wants small things, such as when you hold her hand or whisper in her ear, saying you love her. She will be thrilled to see a text message from you in the middle of a chaotic day. She is the type of girl that melts when you give her a profound look. She loves eye contact and honest smiles.

6. She wants passion and intelligence.

You are not going to win this type of girl’s heart easily. That is why you need lots of intelligence and passion. The two things combined and you’ve got yourself a winning ticket. She is the type of girl that will do her best to make sure that things between you two are always spicy and juicy. She knows her worth and an almost relationship doesn’t satisfy her. She wants it all – from all things spice to all things nice.

7. She is worth it.

So, what if she has a complex mind? It’s her good heart that counts the most. Once you show her that you’re the man she deserves, she will love you with all her heart and mind and she will do everything to keep you. She is wifey material and she is the one you’ll be happy to come home to. Loving a good girl with a complex mind is going to change both of your lives. Give it a try and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for this girl.

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