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Inside The Mind Of The Woman Broken By An Emotional Psychopath


She was a woman who believed in love. She believed in a happily ever after. She believed that her love story would last forever. She loved him with her whole heart. Never, even in her wildest dreams would she thought that he would do anything to break her heart.

However, her Prince Charming turned out to be the devil in disguise and her fairytale soon became her nightmare. Everything that she believed in fell apart. Her shine was dimmed. Everything turned into black. Her happiness was taken away from her and all that she was left with was deep sorrow and pain.

You wonder what happened? What was her mistake? Well, her only mistake was that she fell in love with an emotional psychopath and she didn’t know it. Well, she did feel something was wrong, but she chose to ignore her intuition because she was already head over heels for him.

She thought that with him she had it all. Little did she know that he would emotionally abuse her and manipulate her only to get what he wanted.

It all started to fall apart when he couldn’t pretend to be someone he is not anymore. And he didn’t have to really. She was his – he knew that. He knew that very well that she would do anything for him. That she could never leave him.

And somewhere deep inside of her, she knew what was happening, but she didn’t have the courage to face the truth and walk away from him. So, she gave him second chances. And thirds. All in the hope that it will be different the next time around. That he has changed and realized that he cannot live without her. It was all in vain.

He blamed her for everything. All his faults and wrongdoings have somehow become her mistakes. He was never sorry for anything. He never felt guilt or remorse because he was emotionally crippled, unable to experience genuine feelings.

He was extremely jealous. He was jealous of everyone around her. He was jealous of her friends and her family even. He was jealous of her loving and kind heart and he wanted it only for himself.

He only loved himself. No, he didn’t love her. He was incapable to experience such a deep emotion. His selfishness and his egotistical nature were boundless. He only cared about himself and he couldn’t bother less about her pain and tears.

He gaslighted her. That was his way of manipulating her. He was twisting her perception of reality. He played with her mind and emotions. He brainwashed her until she completely lost the touch with reality. She was starting to think like she was the crazy one and that he was her kind savior who stayed with her after everything.

After him, she was broken-hearted and alone. She couldn’t trust anyone. She was scared to open her heart and love again because she was a victim for far too long.

However, her life has just started. It started when she made the wise decision to leave him. She was heart aching, but she brushed herself off and decided to fight for her own life and happiness. And she is stronger day by day.

Mary Wright