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Life Is Too Short To Waste Your Time On Fake Friends

life is too short

I am not the kind of person that likes small talk. I don’t want to know what you think about the weather this autumn nor do I care about your rant against the heavy traffic in the town center.

I am not the kind of person who enjoys spreading malicious gossip about others. Gossip sickens me. How other people live their lives is none of my concern.

And most of all, I have no intention of answering your impolite questions about my job or current relationship status. Especially if I’ve already felt that you have a hidden agenda.

You see, I have no time for games. I have no time for negativity. I have no time for fake friends.

Because life is too short to waste your time on someone who doesn’t value you. Someone who isn’t willing to show you their true self. Someone who pretends that they truly care about you but they’d stab you in the back the moment they have a chance.

No, I have no time for such people.

Life is Too Short fake friends

I need friends that truly love me and care about me. Friends who bring out the best in me. Friends who believe in me, even when I don’t. Friends that cheer me up when I’m down in the dumps. Friends that hold my hand through heartbreaks, pains, and losses.

I need friends that remind me of my strength when I’m feeling weak. Friends that remind me of my worth when I’m feeling unimportant. Friends that I know I can always trust and rely on.

I need friends that deserve my trust. Friends who are always themselves around me. Friends who’d never lie to me. Friends who understand the importance of honesty.

I need friends that accept me for who I am. Friends who know all my annoying habits, whims, insecurities, and fears but never judge me or criticize me for them. Friends that cherish me exactly the way I am.

I need friends who bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment into my life. Friends who fill my heart with joy, warmth, and peace. Friends who make my life easier, more meaningful, and more exciting.

I need friends that are my crying shoulder. My rock. My guiding light. My strength. My hope.

I need friends that are genuine. Friends that are loyal. Friends that are real.

Riley Cooper