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I’ll Let You Go But Please Know That I’ll Never Forget What We Shared


I’ll let you go but I’ll never forget what we shared.

I’ll need some time but I’ll get there. I’ll let you go. I’ll let go of the idea of us and our future together. I’ll let go of the hope that you and I can one day be in a happy healthy relationship. I’ll drop your promises for a better tomorrow because I realized they will never happen.

And I’ll be free.

I’ll untie myself from you. I’ll break free from your love that was keeping me from loving myself because you never loved me the way I deserve to be loved. I’ll no longer be chained to your heart. I’ll dust myself off and walk away. I’ll let you go even if I am breaking inside.

I’ll let you go but I’ll never forget you and our memories.

I’ll always keep you in my heart because you were someone who was very special to me and you changed my life. You loved me, healed me, and then you broke me. The thought of you still hurts because those wounds left scars that serve as reminders of our painful past together.

But, regardless of the pain, I’ll still carry you in my heart.

I’ll always cherish our moments together – both good and bad. I miss you but I understand why we broke up. And honestly, I am kind of relieved that it’s all over.

There is something liberatingly beautiful in letting go.

So, this is me – letting you go.

And I’ll no longer allow myself to get tied to someone like that. No one will have a hold on me as you did. I am on my own now and I feel wonderful.

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Mary Wright