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If You’re Not Willing To Put Her First, Stop Wasting Her Time

If You’re Not Willing To Put Her First, Stop Wasting Her Time

If you are not willing to make her a priority and love her the real way, stop wasting her time. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like second-best. No woman does. So, quit playing games with her and leave her alone if she is not someone you truly want to be with.

If you have doubts about her, let her go. Don’t get close to her. Don’t ask her about her childhood or her fears. Don’t make her fall in love with you if you can’t love her back. Don’t toy with her emotions and her genuine heart.

Don’t tell her that you care about her and gaze lovingly into her eyes if you are not sure if she is the one for you. Don’t talk for hours and reveal your deepest desires with her only to get some comfort when you feel lonely. If you are not ready to love her, don’t awaken her love. Don’t spend time with her if you are not planning on staying. Don’t hold her in your arms if you don’t care if she is in your life or not.

If you are not willing to put her first, please leave her alone and let her find her happiness somewhere else. She doesn’t deserve a half-love because she is not a half-person. She is a mature woman who is whole on her own and she doesn’t have time for playing games.

She doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t want her. So, don’t lie to her and tell her she is all you want if you are not really thinking that. If you think that you are fooling her, you are only fooling yourself. 

Leave her alone if you don’t love her because she will eventually leave you. She will leave you when she gets tired of listening to your fake words and promises of love. She will leave you when she realizes that your presence doesn’t make a difference in her life.

And when she does leave you, don’t get mad. Because that means that she is finally choosing herself. Something you couldn’t do. And now, you get only yourself to blame when you realize that you have lost a wonderful woman who loved you with all her heart and was always there for you.

Mary Wright