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The Universe Has A Weird Way Of Giving Us What We Need Instead Of What We Want

The Universe Has A Weird Way Of Giving Us What We Need Instead Of What We Want

I think we all want things to happen in a certain way. We all want different things and different outcomes to the situations we are in, and so we hope and pray that everything will go the way we planned it. We hope that we will achieve our goals.

However, sometimes the Universe has a weird sense of humor and it doesn’t give us what we truly desire. Because sometimes, the Universe blesses us with the things we need.

You see, there is a difference between what we want and what we need. What we want usually is not the best thing for us. And so, allowing the Universe to step up and give you what you need is the most enlightening and healing things you can do for yourself.

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Because sometimes we need to let things happen and stay still in order to allow our karma to clear out. Carrying our karma from past situations and people is what usually keeps us stuck and stagnant and therefore, it is vital to cleanse yourself by letting karma play out.

The thing is, our society has made us go-getters. All the motivational speakers and coaches tell us that we should go after the things we want and pursue our goals. And this is wonderful when we do achieve our goals, but then what? We are still not happy and fulfilled because that happiness is short-lived and therefore, we will forever need another goal to pursue.

I think that we would all be happier, joyful, and fulfilled if we let things come to us. The job I currently do is not the one I applied for – it found me. The Universe guided me to it for a reason. Now, I am emotionally and mentally in a better place. I have met people that changed my life and made me a better person.

So, instead of being sad about things that didn’t go your way, be thankful for everything you have and everything that will come to you if you relax and let the Universe do its job.

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Mary Wright