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If Your Gut Tells You Your Partner Isn’t The One, You Should Listen To It

If Your Gut Tells You Your Partner Isn’t The One, You Should Listen To It

Love is precious. Love is kind. Love is giving. Love is patient. Love is fulfilling. Love is the most amazing feeling in the world. The most powerful force in the universe.

But sometimes, love can also be confusing.

It can cease to exist when you least expect it. And that uncomfortable feeling can manifest in ways that you never even imagined. The truth is, you can love someone, but you can also unlove them. But here’s the thing. If you are going through these feelings right now, it is important to consider the fact that you may have never loved your partner in any real sense of the world. I know it’s disappointing, but the sooner you open your eyes to the truth and accept it the way it is, the sooner you’ll heal and move on.

All I know is that I’ve been through this. I’ve been through a period in my life when the simple thought of laying next to my partner made me sick to my stomach. You have no idea how hard I struggled to shake this feeling off and convince myself that it is all in my head. It wasn’t. I didn’t love him. I never did. So, here we are.

Below are 7 warning signs that your body sends when you are with the wrong person:

1. You lose your appetite. This is usually the first sign that shows something is clearly off. This was the case with me. I remember losing my appetite and not wanting to eat normally for a whole week. The thought of him not knowing how I feel made me throw up, even though I had nothing in me.

2. You are constantly anxious for no reason. Especially around them. This is easily noticeable if you’ve never been much of an anxious person in your life. That’s your gut telling you that something doesn’t feel right. It’s best to listen to it and face the truth rather than avoiding it.

3. You have trouble sleeping. Because your mind is completely focused on them. Your mind is obsessed with convincing yourself that what you feel might not be real. And that very soon all of those feeling are going to fade away. But here’s the truth. Deep down you know that not the case. You know that what you feel is real. Only you are too afraid to admit it.

4. The thought of you making love with them makes you sick. The worst of the worst. I believe there is nothing more heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and sickening than hiding your feelings from your partner and trying to act normal while making love. Quite honestly, it’s traumatizing. If you are going through this, I feel for you. And I beg of you. Do not postpone your pain. Let them know how you really feel and end your suffering once and for all.

5. You feel nauseous. Again, another sign that you need to reexamine your relationship as soon as possible and be true both to yourself and your partner. The sooner you’ll face them the sooner you’ll be able to heal.

6. You experience severe headaches. Headaches may be the result of something else of course, but if you constantly feel this way regardless of everything that you do to help yourself, it is obvious. There is something in your life that makes you stressed and your body knows it. Your constant headaches are its desperate cries for help.

7. You are constantly exhausted. And you constantly look for excuses to not see them. You feel like everything you go through is written on your face. And so,  you avoid spending time with them. But that can’t last forever. The more you think of excuses, the more obvious it is that there is something going on between you two. There is only one thing you can do about this… Face it. Face it head-on and release yourself from all the pain.

After all, hurting them with the truth is much better than comforting them with a sweet lie… They don’t deserve to be manipulated that way. And you, my darling, don’t deserve to spend your entire life pretending to be someone you aren’t.

Stephanie Reeds