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Toxic People Selfishly Protect Their Egos From Bursting Up In Flames

Toxic People Selfishly Protect Their Egos From Bursting Up In Flames

Have you ever had one of those days where you had a stick and everyone looked like a pinata? It’s how toxic people make you feel. Trapped and angry. 

You can never be right, you can never win an argument with them. 

They suck the beauty out of morning coffees and cozy dinner nights with their smirky behavior, with their constant dissatisfaction, and destructive reproaching

Toxic people often ruin night outs, destroy presents, and game tickets because they are supposedly offended by something you did or said. They just want to dramatize and want people to beg them for forgiveness. 

Their childish behavior stems from their feeling of entitlement. They feel like they are the most important and most entertaining person in the room. They have eyes and ears for their problems only and think what they have to say is only worth listening to. 

So if they talk all the time or if you doubt that they hardly ever listen to you – you are probably right. 

Their help is calculated – for the sole purpose of leverage. 

They get mad easily, so if you refuse to do something for them because you genuinely can’t, they will list everything they did for you, all their sacrifices, and will repeatedly say how ungrateful you are. 

Toxic people understand no as an attack that threatens to set their ego on fire and smash it on a concrete floor.  

They find excuses; they don’t apologize. If they cheat on you, they might say they did it because they felt like they were not getting the attention they needed from you or they did it because they felt like you were acting distant. 

If you have a toxic friend, you will also feel the consequences. They will bring up your worst decisions and life choices, all your failures, saying they were only joking, but they really use those things to hurt you. 

Toxic people do this because they never forgot that time when you refused to drive them to work because you were busy yourself –  in their dictionary, that’s called disrespect. 

You cannot change a self-centered person with master skills to shape reality in their favor only.

You cannot change a manipulator, a narcissist because they see themselves on a throne, on a pedestal. They hold on to their egos, firmly protecting them. They never apologize because they think they have done nothing wrong. 

Toxic people feel like the world owes them a living, so they do whatever pleases them despite knowing they will hurt people along the way.

Toxic people never own up to their mistakes and see apologizing as a one-way journey: other people apologizing and begging them for a bit of forgiveness and attention, not vice versa.

It could be because they have an inferiority complex or it could be because of childhood trauma, but they need to realize they cannot treat people who’ve done nothing but carry them on their shoulders and love them as if they were chewing gums: cheap and replaceable. 

Nora Connel