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If You Want To Find Happiness, Don’t Settle Until You Find A Love Like This


Don’t force love that you know it is not for you. Wait for the right one. Wait for the love that suits you well, that warms your heart and nourishes your soul.

Don’t settle until you find someone who understands you. Who understands your anxieties. Who knows when you are struggling, so they can hug you a little tighter and make all your worries go away.

Wait for someone who gives you their full attention. Wait for the one who makes you feel special. Who makes you feel important. Who values your words and what you have to say. Someone who values your opinions because they think the world of you.

Wait for the one who makes your life better. The one who makes you feel like the two of you are alone even though you are in a public space. The one who only has eyes for you and only you.

Wait for the love that feels safe. Wait for the person whose presence comforts you. The one who feels like home to you.

Wait for the person who will wipe the tears off your face and will do everything to see you smile again. The one who fights with you fairly and points out your mistakes but never leaves when you are mad. The one who will fight with you and then immediately start talking things through because they don’t want you two to be mad at each other.

Because they love you and they want to make the relationship work. They want to build a future with you.

Don’t settle for mediocre love. Wait for something special. And consistent. Wait for someone who won’t ever make you second-guess yourself about where you stand with them.

Wait for the love that feels natural and effortless. A love that fulfills you, that nourishes you and makes you a better person.

The one who meets your standards.

The one who accepts you for who you are.

The one who does not expect you to change.

The one who is in love with your flaws and imperfections as well as your virtues.

The one who loves your kind heart.

The one who would never do anything to hurt you or to let you down.

The one who shows you time and time again how beautiful love is.

The one who will do anything to see you happy.

The one who understands that no relationship is perfect but chooses to fight for you and your relationship.

The one who fears to lose you.

The one who never takes you for granted.

The one who trusts you.

The one who respects you.

The one who truly, madly, deeply loves you.

Mary Wright