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If A Man Has These 11 Characteristics – Don’t Marry Him!


Love can sometimes make us blind and make some horrible choices that we’ll probably regret down the road. Especially if we marry someone who is not right for us.

So, be careful to not make the mistake of marrying a man who has these 11 characteristics:

1. He Is More Focused On His Work Than You

If he is not giving you time right now, then what do you think will happen when you marry him? Because with marriage come a lot more responsibilities and if he isn’t able to manage his time now, he most certainly won’t be able to do it when you are married.

2. He Is Narrow-Minded

Deciding to spend your life with a narrow-minded man can equal a nightmare. You will regret that decision for the rest of your life because there’s nothing more debilitating and downgrading than be with someone who restrains you in any way or form.

3. He Is Emotionally Or Physically Abusive And Doesn’t Respect You

A man who is physically or emotionally abusive doesn’t deserve to be called a man in the first place, let alone have someone to marry him. If your man is abusing you in any way or he doesn’t respect you, do yourself a favor and leave him.

4. He Is A Liar

Relationships should be built on trust. If your man is lying to you, how can you trust him? You can’t build a stable relationship and marriage on lies. Sooner or later it will backfire on you.

5. He Makes Excuses And Breaks His Promises

If he can’t keep a simple promise and he always makes excuses for forgetting important dates or letting you down at the last minute, then he is telling you that you can’t count on him. How can you marry someone who is not there for you?

6. He Doesn’t Let Go Of The Fights

Of course, there are arguments and fights in every relationship. But if your man doesn’t let go of the past hurt and anger, then he is not a marriage material. You can’t spend your life living with a man who holds onto anger and brings up past arguments. He will make your life a living hell.

7. He Hates Animals

If he asks you to choose between him and your pet, always choose your pet! Because any human being who hates animals without a reason is not a good person. Period.

8. He Doesn’t Have Moments Of Epiphany

A man who doesn’t question himself and his decisions is not a good marriage material because everything will be on his terms. If he is that stubborn to always think that he is right and he is never questioning anything – his bad decisions will be harmful to you as well.

9. He Is Too Needy

Yes, everyone deserves to have their personal space, but if he is always clinging onto you for everything – leave him. You don’t need a man who depends on you because he is probably very insecure and he doesn’t love himself. And if he doesn’t respect and love himself how you can expect him to love and respect you?

10. He Is A Cheater

You know what they say, once a cheater – always a cheater.  

11. He Is Immature

If he behaves like a child and is not able to act like an adult, how you can expect him to be a responsible partner in your marriage? You can’t. That’s why you need to leave him and move on.

Mary Wright