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I Love From The Bottom Of My Heart – If That Scares You, Just Leave


Passion is something that defines my world. Love is something I was raised with.

My entire life, I’ve been searching for the real deal. I’ve never accepted anything less than true love.

You know that inexplicable feeling of butterflies in your tummy? The feeling when you can’t seem to stop thinking about a person you just met?

Yes, that powerful sensation. In Carrie’s words – the Zsa Zsa Zsu. The sort of lovey-dovey, my-mind-is-going-crazy-over-you feeling.

You simply can’t deny that. You simply can’t deny raw, genuine emotions.

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled to find a person who understands me. I’ve been told that I come on too strong and my need to express my emotions was often suffocating my partners. And that is the reason why it didn’t work out with them.

But, it will never make sense to me how some people perceived me as too aggressive or clingy when all I ever wanted was to find someone who will share the same perspective as me.

So, I won’t let you discourage me. As a matter of fact, I won’t let anyone let me down.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes. My mistakes were picking the wrong people. And sharing feelings with the wrong crowd. But, I shouldn’t be shamed for what I am.

A real person will appreciate my love. And that person will eventually come along.

So, until then…

I won’t be sorry for having deep, intense feelings. I’m not responsible for your immature and childish behavior. The fact that I’m hyper-affectionate doesn’t mean that I am desperate for you. It just meant that I believe in you. And I know that I am worthy of love. So, no if you can’t take me seriously, I won’t play your games.

I live by the simple rule – Treat others the way you want to be treated. And if you can’t understand that, another person will. The right one for me will recognize my love, and he will treat me the way I deserve.

You know, when it comes to love and relationships, I’ve never enjoyed playing hard to get. And maybe that was my curse. The fact that I’m too up-front, too damn honest and open about my emotions was too much for some people.

But, I said it once and I’ll say it again.

I have no interest in immature men. I have no interest in playing games. I don’t enjoy chasing. And I certainly don’t enjoy deciphering childish hints.

I want someone who won’t be afraid to take me in his arms and tell me he likes me. Someone who won’t hesitate to kiss me like he means it. Someone who’ll be thrilled to hold my hand and keep me in his loving embrace until the world collides.

So, I don’t care if you call me clingy, or too emotionally attached, when I feel something burning inside of me, I’ll always have the need to be extremely affectionate.

And I’m sorry, but I’m truly not sorry about that. I’m just that kind of girl. I need to love. I need to feel loved. So, if I see that I’m not getting the same feedback from you, I will leave.

And if you feel that we’re on different frequencies, let me go. Leave and never come back.

Because if you can’t understand my heart, you are not worthy of touching my heart.

A better person will come along and appreciate me for what I truly am.

Image: You Fight Me

Stephanie Reeds