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8 Little Things That Only Your Forever Person Will Do For You


1. They Won’t Ever Make You Feel Bad For Expressing Your Feelings

They won’t get defensive when you start acting jealous about their new co-worker. They won’t say you are imagining things and you are being crazy and overly sensitive about it. They won’t make you feel bad when you get upset for not hearing from them for three hours. They won’t call you immature and irrational when you are insecure and ask them who they are texting.

2. They Will Listen To You Talking About Boring ‘Girl/Boy Stuff’

Just as many men don’t like talking about menstrual cramps, periods, and tampons, many women get bored listening about cars and football teams. Well, not your forever person. They will gladly listen to you and will put up with you anytime you feel cranky because they love you.

3. They Will Do Sweet Romantic Things Without You Having To Ask Them

They will make you coffee in the morning. They will send you a sweet ‘goodnight’ text. They will buy your favorite chocolate on their way from work because you’ve been on their mind the whole day. They will do all the sweet little things that show how much they love you and care about you.

4. They Will Always Put You First

You will always be their priority. And they will always care about your feelings. So, when you tell them that something is bothering you, they will make sure to change it. If you tell them that you don’t want them to have their exes as friends on their social media profiles, they’ll delete them. Because they want you to be calm and trust them.

5. They Won’t Bring Up Past Mistakes

They won’t use your past mistakes as ammunition during fights. They won’t keep score. They won’t shift the blame on you. They will be quick to forgive and forget because being with you is more important than being right.

6. They Will Come To All The “Boring” Family Events With You

They won’t mind going to lunch with your family. They will go with you to your grandparents’ wedding anniversary. They will make an effort to be around the people you love. They will play with your nephews and nieces because they know how special they are to you.

7. They Will Make You Feel Enough

You will feel like the most special and beautiful person in the world even after waking up in the morning with morning breath and greasy hair. When you are with them, you will never feel like you need to change something about yourself. You will feel their love for you with every fiber of your being.

8. They Will Always Make Sure You Are Satisfied, Emotionally, Mentally, And Physically

The person with whom you are meant to be forever will always care more about your pleasure than their own. He will stimulate you mentally, physically, and emotionally in the most beautiful way possible.

Mary Wright