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I Feel Sorry For The Person Who Will Date Your Narcissistic A** After Me


I don’t even want to call you by name because you don’t deserve.

You destroyed me. You sucked dry my energy. You shattered my hopes and dreams. You broke me. Period.

And you quickly moved to your next victim…

And I feel sorry for them. They don’t know what they are getting into. They have no idea how bad you are going to hurt them.

They probably think that you are the best thing that has ever happened to them. They think the world of you. They believe your false words and promises that you’ll always love them. They think you are the one.

Just as I thought… How foolish I was…

They don’t know that nothing will ever be about them. Everything is and will always be about you. If you have a bad day, they will be guilty about it. If something in your life is not going right, they will suffer for it.

You will brainwash them. You will make them believe things that don’t even exist only to turn them into an obedient puppet that you can manipulate.

You will manage to somehow make them a ‘third wheel’ in a relationship when it is just the two of you. You will downgrade them. You will take them for granted. The sun will rise and set because of you. You will expect the praise, love, and attention from them because you feel entitled to it.

And they? They will try to make things work because they’ll fall helplessly in love with you. They will see you as a challenge. A beautiful mystery. They will think that whatever you do you do out of love.

They will try and justify your actions thinking that you are like that because you were deeply hurt in the past. They will think they can change you.

Soon, they’ll get addicted to you. You’ll be their drug. That’s why they’ll be always coming for more.

You will make them so scared of being alone that they will go back to you every single time.

You! You will destroy them! You will manipulate them. You will humiliate them. You will lie to their face. You will rob them of their feelings. You will make them numb and cold.

And when there is nothing left in them from which you can feed off, you will leave them, and you will replace them with a new victim. Just like you did to me.

And I feel sorry for them. And I hope they will see through your bullshit and cut you off before you get any chance to hurt them.

Because no one deserves to have their hearts broken and their dreams shattered by someone who doesn’t know the meaning of true love.

Mary Wright