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I Don’t Need You To Solve My Problems: Just Don’t Become One Of Them


It’s fine. I am okay. I am perfectly capable of handling my own issues, facing challenges, and sailing through life.

I am fine. I really am. I’ve been doing this ever since I can remember, so I know how to take care of myself. I know what I need to be happy. I need what I need to make the pain go away. I know what I need to soothe my soul and find my peace. I know how hard it is to find the way, for I’ve spent a lot of time in the darkness. But you know what? I’ve always found my way out. That’s how I know it won’t be any different this time.

So trust me when I tell you… I am okay.

I don’t need another person in my life to save me from my experiences. I don’t need someone to save me from all my sins and mistakes. I am a human being. And as long as I am alive and breathing, I will fail. And I will make mistakes. Over and over again. As many times as I need to learn my lessons. Regardless of how hard it is. I will face every obstacle on the road head-on and treat it like nothing more than a stepping stone.

I know I can go through it all on my own and I will. I will fight for what makes me happy, I will work hard for the things that make my soul smile and believe me, I will do whatever it takes to create the life of my dreams.

The only thing I need from you is to be real. To be exactly the person you say you are. To stay true to yourself. To be there for me. To be honest. To be open-minded. To stay beside me. To be my friend, my soulmate, my entire world, my everything. And to accept me as I am.

I need you to let me deal with my life the way I believe it’s the best for me.

I don’t need you to solve my problems. What I need is your promise that you won’t become one of my problems.

I need you to be the safe place that I go to after a whole day of fighting my battles. I need you to be the home that I so desperately searched for my entire life. I need you to comfort me and hold me when I feel weak. I need you to let me know that you will always be there to love me the way you do. I need you to be my eternal inspiration and greatest motivation. I need to know that I can rely on you. I need to know that I can trust you…

That’s all I ask for…

So, can you?

Are you willing to be that person for me?

Stephanie Reeds