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I Am A Strong Woman Because I Was Raised By A Strong Mother

I'm a strong woman because i was raised by one

I’m a strong woman because I was raised by a strong mother.

My mother has taught me the meaning of love. She’s taught me how to care about others. She’s taught me not to take people for granted. She’s taught me to appreciate life every day. She’s also taught me how to love myself.

My mother is the one who’s helped me grow into a strong woman.

I am strong woman because my mother has been there every step of the way. She’s taught me how to be independent. Because of her, I know how to deal with everyday life situations. Because of her, I know how to deal with difficulties. Because of her, the bad days are easier.

My mother’s taught me to respect myself and to love myself for who I am.

Because of her, now I know my worth and I don’t let people talk down to me. Because of her I am respected and treated with the same level of respect I treat other people.

My mother has taught me what pure love is.

Because of her, I now know how families take care of each other. Because of her, I know the difference between a healthy and a toxic relationship. She’s taught me that not everyone deserves my smile and my precious time. She’s taught me to keep a distance from toxic people and to love and respect the ones that make my day.

My mother’s taught me that sometimes it’s okay to feel down and to want to cry it all out. She’s taught me that even the strongest people can break and need some time to recharge their batteries.

She’s taught me that after the storm comes the sunshine and all the rainbows. She’s taught me that I can take it when life hits me hard. She’s taught me that I can lift myself  up and fix what’s broken inside of me.

Because of my mother, I know that I am good enough and that I will keep trying to get what I want in life. My mother gives me inspiration and tells me that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. My mother is also always there to tell me that some days I need to rest.

But more importantly, she’s taught me that she is always present no matter what. She keeps showing me that she is proud to have a daughter like me.

Mom, you are my role model. And I am happy to say that I grew into a strong woman because I was raised by a strong mother.

I want to thank you, mother, for every meal you’ve cooked for me and for every cake you’ve baked for my birthdays. I value the time and energy you put in every meal you cook for our family. I appreciate every baked cake and every decoration for my birthdays. I appreciate every effort you put into teaching me math. Also, thank you for being there to hear my silly thoughts and to comfort me when I was scared.

Thank you for being my mother. Because, having you, mother, means I have a best friend for life. And I am so glad that we are open with each other and willing to share everything. That is why I want to share these honest words with you because sometimes I forget to tell you that you mean the world to me.

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