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It’s Hard To Accept That We Went From Being Best Friends To Strangers

It’s Hard To Accept That We Went From Being Best Friends To Strangers

There are things that we don’t want to happen, yet they do happen, and we need to accept them. There are also things that we don’t want to know but we learn. And then, there are people that we cannot live without but we must let go.  

Growing apart from someone that is so dear to you is the hardest thing you can experience. Especially if that someone is your best friend, well, that hurts like hell.

The loss of a friendship is painful. It leaves you questioning yourself. It’s not easy for you to understand what happened between you and your best friend, and why you drifted apart. It’s not easy for you to accept the fact that your best friend doesn’t want to be around you anymore. 

One of the hardest things you’ll experience in life is to let go of your best friend. You will be left with your memories to hold on to. Because the past can’t be erased and those beautiful memories will always bring a smile to your face. The unforgettable memories have shaped you into who you are today. You can’t blame yourself for losing the friendship.  

It’s normal to cry. It’s normal to feel sad after you’ve lost your best friend. You two were an important part of each other’s lives. But, you’ve become strangers. You’ve become strangers since the day they walked away from you. 

The person you thought was going to be there for you through rough times left without saying a word and giving you an explanation. But, you shouldn’t be mad. Instead, you should forgive them and move on. Because as time passes, it will get easier. You will be able to forgive your best friend for ending your friendship. 

Once you move on and accept the fact that they were not your real friend, to begin with, you will find peace. You will find other people who will become your real best friends. Because real friends stay, they don’t let go of you. 

Be thankful for the memories you two have created together and be thankful for learning to let go. No matter how hard it was for you to let go of your friendship, you’ve learned a big life lesson and you’ve become stronger than ever before. 

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