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How He Treats You Gives A Hint About How He Really Feels About You

How He Treats You Gives A Hint At How He Really Feels About You

We all know the importance of having someone that treats us right, someone who thinks we are the right person for them.

So, without further ado, here’s how a man who thinks you are the right person for him will treat you:

1. He will not agree with everything you say.

He may disagree with you on something you say and be open about it. What’s the point of pretending if he plans to spend a lifetime with you?

Men agree and nod to everything when they are not serious because let’s face it, that’s easier for them. When a man shares his opinions, beliefs, and perspectives, when he disagrees, and when he is willing to have an open discussion with you, it’s because he wants to share a future with you. So, don’t get mad if he disagrees or says no to something – that’s a good sign right there.

2. He will text first.

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. A man who thinks you are the right person for him will not care who texts first more often. He will text you simply because he wants to know how your day went. Heart emojis included.

Good morning and good night texts are also going to be part of his sweet “routine”.

3. He will not make you doubt.

You have probably felt this – feeling insecure about a relationship and thinking that the person you are with is going to leave you any time soon. Some men display a macho persona and they are emotionally unavailable. But not this guy.

He will make you feel special, and while being in a relationship with him, you will feel safe and loved. Without the doubts that eat away at your heart.

4. He will always be available for you.

Whether he is working or attending an event with his friends, he will always find time to answer your calls or just call you himself.

His emotional availability will show itself through his active presence in your life as well as through his calls, and you won’t feel like you are bothering him. He has clearly stated that you are his priority, and not just with words – with crystal clear actions. 

5. He will plan dates and keep the romance alive.

An occasional date planning has never hurt anybody, right? The real man who thinks you are the perfect person for him will take you out on a date or surprise you with tickets for the play you wanted to see. This doesn’t have to be quite frequent since our lifestyles are hectic and we often tend to work overtime, but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen every once in a while to reshuffle the routine.

Now you have to plan dates too, don’t forget this – cooking for him or taking him out for a drink someplace new scores higher than you think on men’s charts. 

6. He will help you do the chores around the house.

A man who is in love with you will not only suggest that you start living together, but he will go a step further by helping you around the house. He’ll wipe the dust off the shelves while you are vacuuming. If you cooked the meal, he will be willing to wash the dishes or buy the groceries and carry the heavy bags.

In a mature relationship, household chores will not be a matter of gender, rather, a matter of love and appreciation.

7. He will love you for who you are.

Messy hair or bad breath in the morning, bitten nails or cranky behavior over trivia or PMS. Yes, this and so much more. He will have no problem accepting the faults in your character because he loves you.

Premature grey hair, dark circles around the eyes… all those physical imperfections only you see, the ones you hate about yourself – he will embrace and love too.

Nora Connel