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How To Use Gems And Stones For Their Spiritual Healing Properties


Gems and precious stones are unique not just because they’re beautiful to look at, but also because they’re believed to have certain spiritual healing properties that can be beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.

Using gems and precious stones for healing is commonly referred to as complementary or alternative medicine. With the rise of alternative medicine, people are curious about precious stones and the spiritual healing properties that they have. If you’re unsure of what crystal to buy, you can go to FindYourCrystal.com to find out what to get! 

There are different types of precious stones, each of which performs a unique function in healing the mind, body, and soul. They have their own definition like howlite stone meaning connected to patience and perseverance. It’s widely believed that these beautiful stones can help improve positive energy and deflect negative vibes. Because of this, it’s no wonder that many people are falling in love with these incredible stones.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular healing stones and gems along with how to use them based on their spiritual healing properties.

  1. Fluorite Crystals

Fluorite crystal, also known as the genius stone, is a very powerful stone that promotes awareness and mental clarity for those who use them. They come in different colors such as green, blue, purple, and yellow. It’s also believed to help balance a person’s mental and physical energy.

To use this crystal, hold it in your hands and breath, inhaling three times. After this, you speak to the crystal and say what you want it to do for you. If you believe it’s done, say thank you three times.

  1. Jasper

This precious stone is believed to dissolve negative energy around those who use them. It can also make people feel more confident, courageous, and improve mental clarity and focus. It’s also believed to help people who have suffered childhood trauma to heal and recover faster.

When you want to make use of this stone, lie flat with your face up, place it on your heart chakra, and just breath. You’ll be able to find yourself taking in the positive energy of this precious stone until you feel completely relaxed.

  1. Moonstone

Moonstone stone is said to increase your inner strength and help you get rid of stress. They’re also believed to be capable of making people who use them to think positively and inspire them to succeed.

If you’re looking for a stone that’ll inspire and help you succeed in your career or any other endeavor, this stone might be the one for you. Put a piece of the stone on your non-writing hand.  Close your eyes and meditate for about 11 minutes. You’ll find out that the stress is gradually ebbing away.

  1. Amethyst

This is a stone that’s strongly believed to help in relieving stress. It helps people get rid of negative thoughts and helps protect and purify the mind. This precious stone can help people who have suffered some form of childhood trauma to heal and recover faster.

It’s also said to make people more spiritual and wiser. If what you need is freedom from negative thinking or recovery from childhood trauma, place a piece of this stone under your pillow before you sleep.

  1. Pyrite

It’s a stone that’s widely believed to heal the finances of people using them. It makes people more conscious of the wealth within them, thereby spurring them to be more financially successful.

If you aim to improve your finances, this stone is for you. Simply place it inside your purse, and it’ll open your eyes to see the hidden wealth within you.

  1. Ruby

This beautiful red stone is popularly known for its ability to restore vitality. It’s believed to positively affect the lives of people using them by improving their sensuality and intellect. It can also improve a person’s sex life.

If what you need is a stone that’ll make you feel more sensual and intelligent, go for Rubies. To use this stone, put it inside your bath or place underneath your pillow while sleeping.

  1. Obsidian 

This stone has a very protective spiritual healing property. It protects people who are using them from physical and emotional negativities. It’s also a stone that gives people the inner strength and clarity that they need to discover who they’re on the inside.

If you’re on the part of self-discovery, obsidian is the ideal healing stone for you. To use this stone, hold it on your palms in a relaxed sitting position, close your eyes, then say aloud, ‘thank you for protecting me from all negative energy around me,’ then say ‘thank you’ thrice.

  1. Selenite

Also known as the energy healing stone, this is a stone that’ll help clear your energy fields.

It’s easy for you to absorb people’s energy around you. This energy can either be positive or negative. If you have negative thoughts because of the negative energy around you, which you may have unconsciously absorbed, this stone can help you get rid of such negativities. 

Simply place a piece of it on your chest 3-5 minutes before you go to bed. To connect to its metaphysical powers and getting the best out of this stone, you need to hold them on your hands and meditate.

  1. Citrine

This stone is believed to help people get rid of fear and timidity. It lightens up people’s lives with joy, peace, and calmness. It can also make people who use them to become more enthusiastic, optimistic, and clear their minds to help them think with clarity.

Citrine also improves people’s concentration and creativity. If you’re feeling downcast or pessimistic about an important event in your life, this stone might be just what you need to clear your head, making you more enthusiastic and optimistic.

To use this stone, sprinkle them throughout your room whenever you’re afraid or wear them as necklaces.

  1. Tiger’s Eye

This stone signifies power and strength. It helps people get rid of fear and anxiety and brings inner peace to people using them. It also gives people the ability to make clear decisions. If you need motivation or looking for a way to get rid of self-doubt, this stone is perfect for you.

To use this stone, put it on your heart, close your eyes, then meditate for 11 minutes before going out.


People worldwide are gradually accepting that gems and stones have spiritual healing properties that can heal the mind, body, and soul. This explains why so many people are currently using them even though there are no scientific proofs of their healing properties.

However, before deciding which stone or gem is best for you, you should first be aware of the different stones and gems available and their various healing properties. With an understanding of the stones and how to use them, you can easily decide which ones can help improve your wellness.

As they work with the mind, it’s important to use these stones with an open mind as it might not be effective if you’re skeptical about them.

David Smith