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How To Take A Leap Of Faith And Trust Again After You’ve Had Your Heart Broken


One of the most precious things you could ever give to another person is your trust in them.

You trust your family that they’ll always accept you for who you are and never judge you for your mistakes, you trust your close circle of friends to always be there for you and keep all of the secrets you’ve shared with them, you trust the person you love more than words can say by giving your fragile heart and revealing your darkest depths of your soul to them.

You believe in them to keep it safe and nurture it.

But, what happens when that trust is broken?

What happens when you end up stabbed in the back?

What happens when all of the faith you put in your loved ones is suddenly gone and your heart is crushed into million crystal pieces scattered all over the floor?

As a tear rolls down your face and your heart start aching with an insufferable pain you ask yourself… What have I ever done to deserve this?

The people you cared for and loved more than anything else in the world, the ones who knew every dark part of your soul betrayed your trust and changed your world forever.

So, what do you do?

Do you try to forgive and move on, or do you simply drown in your sorrow and walk away?

Whatever you choose to do, the insufferable pain in your chest is there to stay. There’s certainly no escaping from that. What’s broken cannot be fixed again.

But, how do you cope with it?

I know it is hard, but the first thing you need to understand is the fact that even though change is one of the hardest things in life, there’s always purpose as to why it happens. I know that your hand shivers and your heart weeps whenever you think about all of those moments you’ve had and lost. I know that you feel hopeless, scared and too numb to even get up and keep moving on.

But, you would have to be patient, my love. Changes take time.

I know that you gave yourself completely, and I know that you were happy thinking that you’ve finally found your place under the stars. But, as it turned out you were wrong…

And now you’re mourning your loss. I understand that it’s the only thing you’re capable of doing, but you need to listen to me.

All of the energy you’re focusing on feeling sorry for yourself should be redirected and used for healing your broken self. You should find a way to pick up all of the broken pieces and glue them up by yourself. Trying to find light in this darkness might be very challenging for you, but it is the only way you’ll ever move on and stand back on your feet.

You have to find the way to trust yourself again. Trust yourself that what happened had nothing to do with you. You weren’t powerful to foresee it, nor to prevent it.

No matter how painful it is, you must find a way to love yourself again and be grateful that you’re able to feel the sun on your skin and just breathe. You must try to find joy in the simple things in life again. You mustn’t let this experience destroy you and keep you from growing even higher. You must forgive yourself for making the mistake of believing in people.

 Doing all of this means being brave. So, please. Stay strong.

Don’t hold any anger or regret or guilt. If that relationship was meant to be, we weren’t even going to have this conversation. It is how it is. Now embrace that fact.

More importantly, don’t forget that everything in life is relative. And once a door closes, it usually means that another one will soon open. Trust the universe that better things are coming your way. Have faith that the future has amazing things in store for you. Trust in the undeniable force of nature.

Shine brighter than the morning sun and know that the right person will recognize that spark in you. The people who are destined to be with you will find their way to your heart.

So, now as you make the final step to cut every cord that connects you with a lost love, take one last look at them. Thank them for all the love and happiness you two shared together and bid them farewell.

You have a new journey ahead of you. Make it worthwhile!

Stephanie Reeds