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How To Cut The Cord With The One You Love The Most


You gave your everything. You have fought until the last drop of hope to save your relationship. You have been looking and looking to find something, anything, that will somehow ‘convince’ you that your relationship is still worth fighting for. That there is still love between you two.

But, there wasn’t anything left. There were no answers, no reasons for you to stay. The hope was gone. So, you decided to give up and say goodbye to the person you thought you couldn’t live without.

You decided to walk away from the person who was no longer fighting for you and your relationship. The person who decided they didn’t love you anymore. The one who was blind to your qualities and efforts that you have put into the relationship. The one who chose to throw away all that you’ve built together.

Don’t blame yourself for anything. Don’t feel guilty or start agonizing over whether letting them go was the right thing to do. It was the right thing. You did all that you could. You loved them with a love that was more than love. And what did they do? They broke your heart.

And I understand that your wounds may be still fresh right now and you may think that the unbearable pain will never stop, but trust me – it will, and you are going to be okay. Feel as much as you need. Be sad. Be angry. Grieve as much as you want. Cry your heart out. That’s normal and it’s all a part of the healing process.

Don’t look for answers. Forget about your ‘WHYs.’ You don’t need any explanations or sugar-coated bullsh*t. All you need is yourself. And you are enough.

So, go on – bleed a little bit more, savor the taste of your tears, but never go back to the one who has hurt you.

And as you take on the courage to move past this relationship, please take with you all the lessons – the good parts, the bad parts, the love, the fight – take everything. And then, make a promise to yourself that you won’t let anyone disturb your peace again.

That you won’t ever settle again.

Forgive the person who has hurt you. Don’t wait for their apology. Forgive them anyway. You need to let go of anything that is connected to them in order to move on with your life.

Even though your heart still craves for them.

Even though the memories are still there.

You will survive. Only if you are brave enough to fight for your life and happiness.

Mary Wright