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15 Things Self-Confident People Do Differently


Self-respect is not something we were born with or anyone else for that matter. It is an ongoing process of evolving and self-development that goes on for the rest of our lives.

Here are 15 things that happen when we reach a healthy level of self-respect and what self-confident people actually do:

1. They let go of the past

Meaning, they know that we only live once and we must make every moment count. Lingering in the past is not going to fix things or bring back someone in our lives. Self-confident people cherish every moment of their lives because they know there’s no going back and there is no point in moaning about it. Our clocks will never tick backward, right? (1)

2. They put themselves first – and not because they are selfish!

We are our own best friend and our own best caretaker. If we can’t love and cherish ourselves then we shouldn’t expect others to do it as well. They put themselves first, not out of selfishness but out of healthy self-love. 

3. Just walk away!

I know ghosting is not the mature thing to do but some people just have no boundaries! You don’t owe it to someone to explain why you’re leaving 100 times with no result in understanding. Sometimes it’s best to just disappear.

4. They don’t explain themselves.

Our life is made of the choices we make and it’s our decision how we lead our lives. Some people want to get married – some don’t, some people have a pet and some can’t stand animals. Whatever the case, we don’t owe anything to anyone, especially not explanations on what we choose to do in life. (2)

5. Saying NO is an option.

It really is! We shouldn’t be forced to do anything we really don’t want to do only to please others. As I said, we only live once and we choose how and what we spend our time on.

6. Apologies are to be meant not only said.

If somebody is apologizing they better mean it and act on it. Empty words are a no-no! 

7. Nobody likes a hypocrite!

Especially self-confident people. They also hate being one! Spending time with people only to please them without actually enjoying their company is absolutely exhausting. Self-confident people have learned that it’s actually healthy to avoid certain individuals and they are very good at that. (3)

8. They don’t blame others for the way they feel

Being happy is not a feeling but a state of mind. If we accept ourselves the way we are then other people will accept us as well. This is how self-confident people build successful relationships whether with their friends or partners.

9. Pursue your dreams!

These people know what they love and want to do in life and they’re not afraid of what it takes to get there. They follow their dreams no matter what. 

10. They don’t need to be liked!

What self-confidence people know best is that you cannot be liked by everyone. If this happens then there’s something wrong. Either you or they are faking it!

11. Stand by your actions!

It’s most important to realize that it’s up to us whether we are successful or not. If we truly set our minds on something then we shouldn’t let anything get in the way. Confidence is the key!

12. Embrace your weirdness!

Never be afraid of who and what you are as long as it makes you happy. Get rid of what sets you back and do your thing. People will always have something to say anyway.

13. Don’t settle!

Whether it’s a partner or a job never settle for less than you deserve. Again, our clocks will never tick backward! Staying in a comfort zone that actually makes us miserable is only a waste of our precious time. Take a peek out of your bubble, you just might find something better.

14. Know when to stop

Some people can just take all you got and never be happy or pleased enough. In these cases, it’s better to just stop and walk away or just put clear boundaries. If they don’t appreciate what you’re already doing then they deserve nothing at all.

15. Find that silver lining

Self-confident people know that no matter how dark it gets you can always find a ray of light to guide you through. If you focus only on the dark it can only swallow you in.

David Smith