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How To Cut Etheric Cords And Release Yourself From Emotional Attachments

How To Cut Etheric Cords

Do you often feel emotionally drained and exhausted? And do you find yourself feeling even more exasperated and hurt when you know you need to remove someone from your life?

Or, maybe you managed to cut them off and walk away from them, but yet, they still appear in your dreams and you catch yourself thinking about them often. If you feel like this, then what you are experiencing is called an ‘etheric cord’ which is an energetic bond between you and another person that is very hard to cut.

Etheric cords can be perceived as an energy tie that binds two people together, whether they are siblings, lovers, friends, co-workers, parents and their children… you name it. These etheric cords shape like tubes which connect two souls from chakra to chakra. The tubes help the energy flow freely back and forth between two people, but it’s worth mentioning that sometimes the energy flow happens only from the one side of the cord.

If you are in a situation when you feel like someone is still draining you emotionally and energetically even though you removed yourself from them, then you should cut the energetical cord as well because when the connection you have with someone is deep, only cutting them off physically won’t be enough. Of course, there may also be people in your life, such as family members, that you can’t cut off but distancing yourself energetically is necessary from your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

The signs that you have an etheric cord that needs to be cut off are: difficulty sleeping; deep feelings of anger, sadness, and depression; inability to move on from your past; constantly stalking someone from your past through social media; crying uncontrollably; a desire to get revenge; lack of interest in activities, hobbies, or other relationships; turning down invitations for going out; inability to stop thinking about the other person; feeling stuck in the past; feeling tempted to go back to the toxic relationship you were in… and so on.

How to cut the cord?

First, you need to find a quiet and private space when you will not be interrupted. When you get yourself into a meditative state, close your eyes and use your imagination to visualize the etheric cords that are spreading from your body. You can see them in different places and in different colors depending on the kind of emotional cord you are trying to cut.

Then, visualize a large sword in your hands. Feel its weight into your hands. Feel its power. Lift your arms and cut through the cords in a swift and strong manner. As you do so, repeat this affirmation aloud: “I’m no longer bound to you. I am now releasing myself from you entirely.”

As the leftovers of the cords fall off from your body, visualize a golden light around you that is coming from the Universe to light your way. Your body and soul are filled with warmth and comfort. As you feel the serenity of the light, start slowly coming back in your place and feel the ground underneath your feet.

Repeat this exercise as much as you need until you are no longer feeling emotionally and energetically drained. It may look simple but trust me, it is really effective. Please, do feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

Mary Wright