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How To Be A Better Person: The Don’ts Of Our Society

How To Be A Better Person: The Don’ts Of Our Society

Some people aren’t happy until they wreck others’ happiness. They loathe harmony and sabotage healthy, mature relationships. You need those people like you need a hole in your head.

Well, without further ado, these are some of the things to avoid that can make you less appealing as a person:

1. Ignoring others.

You may not be interested in everything a person says, but it’s arrogant and disrespectful to pretend like someone doesn’t exist.

Try to listen people out. Try giving them your undivided attention – it shows a sign of maturity. People will appreciate that more than your absent-mindedness. 

2. Spurring conflicts.

Provoking brawls and lighting a fire under two people who are not on good terms should not be your hobby. Ever. Causing unnecessary drama will drive people away.

You shouldn’t be the mediator unless someone asks you to be. People can solve their disagreements on their own. Often getting in the middle may be counter-effective and even worse, people may blame you for interfering. 

3. Constant interrupting.

Do you want to be interrupted in the middle of a sentence? Probably not. So it’s best to stop doing to others what you hate to be done to you.

This especially goes for things unrelated to the topic. Your friend is talking about something private and personal and you interrupt only to say how cute that dog was or how hungry you are. A huge no-no!

4. Being overly competitive. 

It’s not fun to be around someone who is overly competitive and wants to win in everything. Loosen up. So what if you did not win once or twice? It’s all about having fun and spending time with the people you love.

Overcompetitiveness will make people either joke around about your childishly sullen behavior or exclude you from the group. 

5. Easily getting mad. 

Superiority acts or getting mad easily will not fly when dealing with mature people. The world does not revolve around the wants and needs of one person, so you cannot expect your friends or family to beg you all the time and apologize, or cancel all their plans for you.

Behaving like this will lead to the same scenario as in number 4, so you might want to reconsider acting out as the world owes you a living. 

6. Acting rude.

This goes beyond your circle of friends. Being rude or impolite towards the people that serve your food in a restaurant or never greeting your neighbors is simply wrong.

Saying thank you or I am sorry is not a sign of being weak. It shows kindness towards the salespeople who put your groceries in the bag or towards the stranger whose foot you stomped on. 

Being an appealing person, a warm and kind, approachable person is not just in the big things, it’s all the small details too. 


Nora Connel