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How Narcissistic Bullies Abuse Their Chosen Victims From Black Sheep And Scapegoating To Smear Campaigns


When we think about narcissism, we often think about one individual. But what about people who are victims of being targeted and bullied by a group of narcissists?

Research shows that bullying and social rejection activate the same areas in the brain as when we experience physical pain. That’s why being emotionally abused by a group of narcissists can be just as painful as being assaulted physically.

This toxic and abusive dynamic can be found in all sorts of an environment from workplaces and friendship circles to family unit. The target person goes through unbelievable verbal, emotional, and even physical abuse from the toxic group of narcissists who use them as a scapegoat for their own problems and insecurities.

“The purpose of a scapegoat is to pass responsibility onto someone else. Usually, this person is unsuspecting at first and agrees because they are trying to get along with others. This technique of passing the buck is very common with narcissists, sociopaths, and addicts. Narcissists can’t allow their ego to be tarnished by an error. Sociopaths do it for the sport of it,” writes therapist Christine Hammond.

To make the conspiracy even more effective, the abusers use the victim’s compassion and sensitive nature to make sure they don’t dare to speak out. The narcissists feed off their victim’s insecurities until they are sure that the victim will feel too powerless to take action and complain.

They blackmail their targets and emotionally exhaust them. They gaslight them into believing that they are not being abused.

In all narcissistic conspiracies, the scapegoat is the outsider of the croup i.e. “black sheep.” This chosen black sheep is further excluded, persecuted, taunted, and terrorized to a point of becoming the target the many projections or being unfairly blamed for the mistakes of the narcissists.

So, how is the scapegoat chosen?

The victim that is chosen to be bullied by the group is usually the one who is threatening to them in some way. Perhaps is because of their intelligence, ambition, determination, independence, wealth, appearance and so on, that evokes envy in the narcissists.

The victim is first love-bombed, idealized, and praised by the group to make them feel as a part of the group. The requirements are to be silent about everything that happens inside the group and to never question the group dynamic. As long as the victim abides by the rules they are safe.

If they oppress the group, they will be publicly humiliated, dismissed, stonewalled, and shut down. Moreover, the narcissistic group may even have an ongoing smear campaign against them in regard to their stability, character and abilities to be a part of the group.

If you are a victim of a black sheep or scapegoating, take heart. You were chosen as their target because you possess the qualities that the narcissists lack. Because you were a threat to them. Because of your power and resilience.

They thought they can abuse you, but a scapegoat like you can rise above the conspiracy and become stronger than ever.  

Mary Wright