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How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Last?


Cannabis edibles are gaining more users every passing day. However, people, from beginners to long-term cannabis users, have a lot of questions. Let’s answer one of the widely asked questions here. Yes, many people want to know how long edibles last. Read on to know the answer.

What are edibles?

Edibles are Cannabis-based drinks or foods. They are transferred to the body through the digestive tract and are an alternative to vaping or smoking. Edibles that contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will cause a euphoric or a high just identical to that of smoking. Cannabis is more potent when delivered as edibles rather than being smoked in other ways. According to trusted research conducted, it shows that edibles take up to one hour to take effect, or as many refer to it as kicking in.

Contrastingly, the effects of vaping or smoking THC can last for only six hours compared to edibles that remain in the system for about six hours. Also, cannabis edibles have the advantage of not causing some risks caused by smoking cannabis, like phlegm production and chronic cough. It is crucial to note that you need to regulate the dose you take since its effects vary from one user to another.

When the edibles kick in

The effects of an edible can kick in after 90 minutes. However, the results vary depending on the type of edible ingested, person’s age, metabolism and gender, and the intake consumed. For some variables like suckers or hard candies, absorption may happen as soon as you suck on them. Fast digestion means that the effects appear to take effect faster.

Additionally, hard candies may kick in within 45 minutes, while other edibles might take as long as 2 hours to take effect. It shall take you a while to notice the potency of an edible. Still, vaping and smoking THC results are almost instant from a puff. For a wide variety of Cannabis products, check on the Embarc website for more details on specific products.

If you have a faster metabolism, the effects of edibles may take effect quicker as the body processes and digests the edibles fast. Also, eating them on an empty stomach may cause them to take effect almost instantly. Someone who has just eaten edibles is supposed to wait for at least two hours before deciding to consume more cannabis products or consume more food.

How long do edibles last?

Since waiting helps reduce the risk of discomfort due to high doses or a THC possibility, edibles take longer to kick in than vaping. Edible’s effects last much longer. An average amount of edibles last at least six hours. However, it’s good for you to note that substantial effects happen after three hours of ingesting the edible.

The tolerance of your body also plays a considerable part in edibles. People who are not used to ingesting cannabis products may feel effects more than a regular user. Metabolism also for individuals plays a role in the lasting factor. Someone with a slower metabolism might take more time than someone who has a faster metabolism.


The dosage is hard to control for many users since manufacturers make a wide range of cannabis products. Additionally, the strength of the edibles will vary from factors such as cooking temperatures, time, and the type of strain used to create the effect.

Edibles come in various doses like 0.5 milligrams which is a low dose. Some consider 2.5-5 mg of THC products to be the low end of effectiveness for a newbie. Average edibles contain 10-15 mg of THC, which a person within the first few hours of usage.

What is the aftermath of Using edibles?

Edibles that contain THC cause a high and a sense of relaxation, just like smoking. However, some people prefer edibles because of the fear of smoke harming their lungs. Do many people wonder there is there a time someone should see a doctor? People who experience strong reactions should try lying down before seeking medical attention.

Also, it is crucial to note that if you consume a higher dosage, the effects of the cannabis edible will get stronger. Adolescents and children who get edibles into their systems may experience severe reactions.

Closing Thoughts

Edibles can be tricky to consume since it reacts differently to people. An effective dose for you might be too much for someone else.                             


Felicia Wilson