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Revive or Replace: Navigating the Decision to Repair or Replace Your Car Engine

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It’s scary when your car engine starts acting up. Replacing this essential car component is costly. Repairs can also put a big dent in your budget. How can you know when to make repairs and when to replace the engine?

Each benefit comes with advantages and drawbacks. If a mechanic suggests repairs, that may be the best way to go. However, if the repairs are costly, you might need a car engine. Replacing the engine will help reduce the risk of repairs in the coming months. Consider the following as you make this important decision.

Age and Mileage of the Vehicle

What is the age of the vehicle, and how many miles does it have on it? These are always the first two questions to ask. It’s typically best to repair the engine if the vehicle is under five years old and has low mileage. Older cars with high mileage often have multiple issues with the engine. It might be best to replace the unit and reduce the risk of additional costly problems in the future.

Severity of the Damage

What is wrong with the engine? A minor issue, such as a defective sensor, doesn’t call for an engine replacement. Replacing the defective part will be enough to have the car running smoothly again. A cracked block or spun bearing will cost more to repair than to replace, so replacing the engine makes more sense. Once it is replaced, you know the car will be reliable.


Cost plays a role in any purchase, including the purchase of parts to repair an engine or an engine replacement. Either option can be costly, depending on what is wrong with the engine. A replacement, however, typically costs more. Expect to pay thousands of dollars with the final price depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Nevertheless, a repair can easily run $1,000 or more. It depends on what has gone wrong. Talk with a reputable mechanic to learn more about both options and which solution makes sense not only cost-wise but in terms of the longevity of the engine.

Availability of Parts and Labor

Many people assume they can take their vehicle to the mechanic, get it fixed, and have it back in a few days at most. Sadly, this may not be the case. Finding parts for an older vehicle or a rare model can be difficult. A replacement might be the only option. Hopefully, that will change in the future with the help of 3D printing, but we aren’t there yet. Once the parts or engine have been found, finding a mechanic with the time to do the work can also be a challenge. A repair might be the better option in this situation, as removing and replacing an entire engine is both time and labor-intensive.


Repairs are often the first choice of drivers because they tend to cost less. Nevertheless, the reliability of the engine could remain in question. The driver might wonder if something else is going to go wrong every time they get behind the wheel. Purchasing a replacement engine with a warranty can give the driver peace of mind. They know they are covered if something breaks in the replacement engine while it remains under warranty.

Choosing between an engine repair or replacement can be hard. Consider all factors when making this choice. Doing so allows you to select the option that best meets your needs and will keep the car in good running condition.

Felicia Wilson


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