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Exploring Concierge Medicine: Personalized Healthcare Advantage


More than 60 percent of Americans are unhappy with their current physicians according to a recent report from the medical sector. People list several complaints about their doctors and the healthcare system in general. A select few grievances seem to be a common theme at this point, though. 

Looking at Common Complaints with Typical Clinics

For one, many people feel that their doctors don’t spend enough time with them to truly address their needs and concerns. An estimated 50 percent of unsatisfied patients say that makes them feel more like a number than an actual person. It’s an experience that leaves many people feeling ignored and invalidated. 

Secondly, quite a few people are frustrated with long wait times. It’s not uncommon to try to schedule an appointment with a physician only to find out there isn’t one available for several days or even a few weeks. On top of that, research indicates that the typical wait time in doctors’ offices, even with a scheduled appointment, is 20 minutes or more. In many cases, people spend more time in waiting rooms than they do with their doctors.

Delving Into the Benefits of Concierge Medicine

If, like most people, you’re tired of those problems and other common issues, it may be time to take a new approach to healthcare. A concierge doctor may be exactly what you’re looking for. Take a moment to learn all about concierge medicine and its benefits. 

More One-on-One Time

One of the main advantages of concierge medicine is having more one-on-one time between patients and physicians. When you choose a concierge doctor, you get an average of 30 minutes of appointment time, which is about twice the length of an appointment at a conventional clinic. They see fewer patients and spend more time with each one. That generally tends to result in better doctor-patient relationships and a higher quality of care. 

Shorter Scheduling and Wait Times

Additionally, concierge medicine gives you shorter scheduling and wait times. Same-day appointments are often available, so you don’t have to wait until your symptoms worsen or you’ve already recovered from an unexpected illness to actually see a doctor. Besides that, since concierge physicians see fewer patients, there’s less of a chance of them getting behind schedule. That means you won’t have to spend as much time in the waiting room as you would at a conventional clinic. 

Around-the-Clock Access to Medical Services

Furthermore, many concierge clinics offer around-the-clock services for their patients. Their medical staff is available at any time of the day or night, and even on holidays. That’s certainly something you won’t find at traditional medical practices. It helps to prevent potentially dangerous delays in receiving medical care and costly, unnecessary trips to the emergency room as well. You may be able to contact them via phone, email, or telehealth visits to save you trips to the clinic too.   

Comprehensive Medical Care

In addition to those advantages, you don’t have to sacrifice certain healthcare services to get faster appointments, shorter wait times, and more time with your doctor. Concierge clinics generally offer a comprehensive range of services for their patients. Those may include diagnostics, urinalyses, blood work, customized treatments, and other essentials. They often have close working relationships with medical specialists as well. If you need services your concierge doctor can’t provide, the clinic will find the right provider and handle appointment scheduling on your behalf.

Taking a Different Approach to Healthcare

Conventional medical practices play an important role in many people’s health, but they have several drawbacks. Those include long wait times, little actual time between doctors and individual patients, and limited availability to name a few. Concierge clinics are different. They focus on quality rather than quantity, and that can make a world of difference in your health and how satisfied you are with your doctor.

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