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How Karl Lagerfeld Transformed Fendi Forever

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Beloved by men and women alike, you can hardly mention the Fendi logo without considering the contribution of the late, great Karl Lagerfeld.

There are few names that hold as much weight in the fashion world as Karl Lagerfeld. The revolutionary designer’s influence can be seen in countless aspects of modern fashion to this day. His contributions to Fendi alone are among the most important in fashion history.

Without Lagerfeld, the Fendi logo wouldn’t be the fashion staple it is today. In fact, the logo wouldn’t even exist without him.

Here’s how Lagerfeld made Fendi products a must-have.

Who Was Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld was a German-born fashion designer. He started his career as an assistant to French designer Pierre Balmain before moving on to an artistic director position for Jean Patou. It wasn’t long before Lagerfeld went out on his own, though, and freelanced for some of the hottest names of the time.

He joined Fendi in 1965 and stayed there until his death in 2019. Lagerfeld also worked for Chanel and started his own self-titled line of fashion. He wanted his brand to show off “intellectual sexiness”.

His designs were always a much-awaited highlight of Fashion Weeks across the world.

Modernizing Fur

Lagerfeld had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Fendi. He was hired as the creative director of the fur and women’s ready-to-wear collection, with the task of modernizing the whole line. People were getting bored of fur at the time, but Fendi thought Lagerfeld could change that.

Turns out they were right. Lagerfeld’s designs were groundbreaking for the company. He employed the use of rabbit, squirrel, and mole pets, which proved extremely popular. From then on, Lagerfeld’s stature in the fashion world would only grow bigger and bigger.

Making the Fendi Logo

One of Lagerfeld’s most important contributions to Fendi was their logo. He designed the iconic ‘FF’ logo in his first year at the company. His goal was to highlight their creativity and innovation.

It took Lagerfeld about three seconds to come up with the logo, two side-by-side capital ‘F’s, the second one upside down. It stands for “fun fur” according to Lagerfeld, not ‘Fendi’ as many assume. The logo has gone through slight changes over the years, but the essence remains the same.

Whether it’s the Fendi bag collection or a high-end jacket, the ‘FF’ logo remains a staple of modern Fendi. The fact that a three-second sketch has become so iconic goes to show the breadth of Lagerfeld’s design talent. Lagerfeld may not be with us any longer, but as long as this logo is being used he absolutely won’t be forgotten.

Lagerfeld Lives On

The Fendi logo is just the tip of the Lagerfeld iceberg. It would be easy to go on all day about the amazing contributions Lagerfeld left on the fashion world. His designs continue to inspire designers to this day, and his impact on Fendi is undeniable.

Next time you see the Fendi logo, think about Lagerfeld. Without him, the fashion world would be a much less glamorous place.

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