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Here’s The Science Behind Smudging – Once You Read This You’ll Never Stop Smudging


People have been using sacred herbs for ages as a form of purification on spiritual levels. They were burning them and were using the smoke for cleansing their aura of negativity. They have sensed that something good is coming from this ritual, and science is finally catching up.
For those of you who don’t know what smudging is, it is a Native American practice where different herbs (for example white sage) are fastened together with a string and exposed to fire just enough for them to produce smoke. The smoke is then used for cleaning different areas from negativity and evil vibrations.

A recent scientific paper discovered that smudging not only treats skin, brain, and lung function, but it also purifies the air.

Another study followed quickly that was published in the Ethnopharmacology’s Journal. According to this study, smudged sacred herbs serve as nature’s mighty antiseptic.  

They have found that medicinal smoke is a great eliminator of different human and plant pathogenic bacteria.

The air today contains about 1800 types of bacteria, and many of them are pathogenic. The burning of the medicinal or sacred herbs has purified the air of bacteria by 94%. And the area was still disinfected even after 24 hours.

With this being said, go on and grab your smudge stick to cleanse the air around you spiritually as well as medically.


Mary Wright


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