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Help for Good or For Harm: Essay Writing Services


No one can deny the importance of education. However, how we educate our adolescents has long been debated. Many models of schooling follow a system of standardized testing and essay writing. Unfortunately, these testing methods may disadvantage some students despite the essay help services available to them.

Writing well is no easy task. From the second students enter high school up until graduate school, they’re bombarded with essays to write. Not only is it difficult in terms of time management, but it can also increase pressure on students that have English as a second language (ESL). This is why many students are now using essay writing services to help them with their coursework.

These platforms are heavily debated today. Many people are critical of these websites, but do they really do more harm than good? Some people may argue that these services are necessary for children. Read our paper writing services review to find out whether these platforms are more beneficial or harmful.

What Are Essay Writing Services?

An abundance of students with unmanageable course loads and numerous freelancers available for work led to students hiring people to write for them. This business soon skyrocketed, and the market for an essay writing service grew exponentially. Soon,  AU.Edubirdie popped up, followed by any other similar platforms.On these platforms, students can reach out to writers to help them write their essays. Students can provide writers with guidelines, classroom materials, and samples as well. Usually, these websites have a fixed minimum amount they charge per page. However, the price can change according to the difficulty of the paper and the skill of the writer.

Are These Services Harmful?

Of course, the most significant criticism of essay help services is that students plagiarise work. Although students buy ownership of the material written by a freelance writer, the essays the students submit aren’t their own original ideas and words. This can be quite a big problem considering how nearly all schools and eds have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism.

While the cheating problem looms over many students who use hire writers, there may be other repercussions as well. By hiring other people to do their work, students are taking a shortcut to academic success and thus may be compromising on their ability to improve their writing skills.

Also, there’s no way to guarantee that the writer you hire will submit top-notch work. Students may employ and pay a freelancer only to find that the work they got written wasn’t up to mark. Some students may even fail with a paper written by a writer they hired. Luckily, many essay help services have quality check assurance, so if students hire a professional, this isn’t something they’ll have to worry about.

How Are These Services Beneficial?

While essay services may seem to be risky and wrong, they provide students with an abundance of benefits. Here are a few of the most essential benefits that students can get from using essay writing services.

1. Time Management

As mentioned before, students are burdened with an unfair workload in today’s school system. Doing a paper, in particular, takes up a lot of time. Not only do students have to research thoroughly, but they also have to make bibliographies, write abstracts, and submit drafts as well. Being able to do this for multiple courses simultaneously is near impossible. Thus, hiring a writer can help students manage their time and focus on courses that need their attention.

2. Increase in GPA

Students may struggle in school or college due to a variety of reasons. Mental health problems, personal struggles, or just general exhaustion can adversely affect a student’s GPA. An extremely know GPA can also put a student at risk of expulsion. At such a time, a platform for writing high-quality essays can give students the small boost they need to stay in school. This also gives them time to improve their GPA through other avenues themselves.

3. Get Work Edited

Not every student hires a writer to do their work from scratch. Many students use professional writers to get their work proofread and edited. Using these platforms this way brings many benefits. Students write their essays, put in their own work and their own ideas.

But, if their skills are lacking, they can hire a writer to modify the essay in terms of tone, structure, and grammar. Students can also learn where they went wrong by going through the edited versions, and so can improve their own writing skills too.

4. Expert Content

Sometimes it can be challenging to find precisely the kind of research you need for your essay. As students progress through school, topics get tougher. Sometimes students are faced with a topic they don’t understand or one that is too technical. By using a writing service, students can hire writers that are professionals in the field. This way, they guarantee that the arguments in their essays are credible and backed by relevant evidence.


Professional writing services still remain controversial. While many academic institutions strongly disapprove of their use, we can’t deny how they benefit students. There may be some disadvantages of hiring a writer, such as the ethical question of cheating.

However, there are many advantages too, such as time management and specialized writing. After looking at all aspects of these services, it’s easy to say that the benefits easily outweigh the potential drawbacks.

David Smith