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He Cannot Be Your Forever Person Unless He Puts Effort Into These 10 Things


That “If you love someone, let them go.” statement is probably the stupidest advice I’ve ever heard.

While I agree on the fact that you cannot possess a person and call that love, I simply refuse to believe that love works that way. Love cannot be that random.

You simply cannot let go of someone you love without a fight. When you truly love someone, you do everything in your power to keep them. Because at the end of the day, healthy and happy relationships only exist because people are brave enough to open their hearts, love freely and fight for the people they care about.

But, I guess that’s just me. I will never be the woman who depends on fate or dumb luck. I’m more of a do-it-yourself kind of girl.

So, let’s repeat this one more time for those in the back. Love requires hard work. It requires sacrifices and real efforts. A man cannot become your forever person unless he bothers to do these 10 essential things:

1. Shows you that you’re an important part of his life. A person who truly loves you won’t hesitate to let you know that you’re the best thing that ever happened to them. After all, a man cannot possibly be your forever soulmate if he doesn’t bother to open his heart and let you in it.

2. Makes an effort to compromise. Relationships cannot work otherwise. They have to be based on a solid foundation, or they’ll fall apart. So, unless the person you’re with learns to accept your different opinions and finds a way to reach a mutual agreement based on compromise, the relationship is doomed.

3. Reveals his vulnerability to you. A person cannot possibly become your forever after unless they open up and let you discover the very depths of their souls. When a person is ready to give you their fragile heart on a platter, you know that the love is real.

4. Tells the truth and the truth only. Honesty is the most important value. A relationship based on lies is like putting a band-aid on a leaking pipe. At first, you think that the problem is solved, but then drip, drip, drip, pop. It all comes down in a torrent of self-destruction.

5. Cares about how much time you spend together. If your partner makes an effort to change his busy schedule just to see you, it shows that what you two have is truly valuable to him. People who are determined to commit to a person will do everything to make the relationship work.

6. Supports you every step of the way. A man who loves you more than words can say won’t be intimidated by your big steps. On the contrary, he’ll be right there beside you supporting you. He’ll constantly motivate you to strive for more.

7. Envisions his future with you. When your partner not only sees his future with you but also talks about it, that’s a beautiful sign that your relationship is heading in the right direction. It shows that the both of you are on the same page and you’re finally ready to settle down.

8. Inspires you to reach your goals and be the best version of yourself. A man who motivates you to work on yourself and inspires you to grow is a man worth keeping. A person who doesn’t put the effort into supporting your journey is not a person who cares about you. Remember that.

 9. Introduces you to his close circle of friends and family. Isn’t it obvious? When your partner is looking forward to introducing you with this family and friends, that is a big sign that he wants you in his life and you’re a big part of his future plans.

10. Makes you laugh. Good humor is everything. Never underestimate the power of a witty brain, sarcastic mouth and a big smile. But, if you have a problem understanding your partner’s jokes, o vice versa, then you might not be right for each other.

Stephanie Reeds