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Having A Dinosaur Obsession Makes Children Smarter


Most kids have one subject that interests them far more than any other. Some like to draw, others want to be astronauts, and some of them love to play sports. One particular subject that a lot of children gravitate towards is a love and appreciation for dinosaurs.

According to experts, this isn’t just any old hobby. Having a dinosaur obsession makes children smarter.

A Child’s Development

As a child grows up, they begin to develop different interests. Some of these interests will be something that they rarely think of, whereas others will be on their brain all the time. These things will also become a crucial part of the child’s development, according to a study carried out by researchers from Indiana University.

When a child is dedicated to something, it doesn’t just broaden their knowledge of that particular subject. Along with that, it also teaches them to think more complexly, it improves their attention span, and encourages them to learn new things. Most importantly, it also improves their problem-solving abilities.

In the case of a love of dinosaurs, children gain an interest in a lot of different areas. They learn about paleontology, history, science, and animals, all in one subject. Because of that, they expand the number of things that they understand and have a strong knowledge of. They’re driven to keep learning as much as they can and to ask more and more questions.

Encourage Their Passion

Sadly, psychologists have found that only 20% of children manage to keep an interest in the things they were once passionate about. Furthermore, most children end up giving up on their obsessions once they begin school. So, it’s important for parents to nurture their children’s interests.

One of the main things that parents can do is to help their child manage their time wisely. If the child doesn’t have time during the day to feed their passion, they can quickly lose interest in it. Because of that, it’s crucial that parents help them create a balance between homework, chores, and free time. That way, they can have ample time to pursue their passion.

In addition to making sure they have enough free time, it’s also a good idea to help the child to tie their obsession to the real world. They need to learn how to make connections between the subject that interests them and real-world problems. That way, they will have a bigger chance of continuing on with their passion once they start to get older. As well as that, it will also help them to further develop their problem-solving and analytical skills.

Know How Much Is Too Much

In most cases, childhood obsessions are a normal and positive thing. However, in some cases, it can signal problems with the child. When their love of something becomes too much, it could be a sign that they’re suffering from a disorder such as ADHD or autism. In these situations, it’s important to check in with a doctor or psychologist.

In addition to that, it’s important not to force your child to continue with their passion. Although many parents know that it’s important to encourage their child, this encouragement can sometimes be taken a step too far. In situations where the child feels pressured, they’re likely to lose interest in it.

Being obsessed with dinosaurs isn’t just some passing interest for children. For many of them, it’s a way for them to improve their intelligence, broaden their area of knowledge, and learn how to navigate the world. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs, then do whatever you can to encourage them to pursue it further. Even if they eventually lose interests, they will still be smarter because of it.

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Eva Jackson