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An Honest Open Letter From The Girl Who Is In Shape But Not Perfect


I’m a girl who takes care of her wellbeing. Both mental and physical.

But, here’s the thing…

Even though I am someone who continually works on their shape, deep down, I am still a human being who has needs and cravings.

I work out 5 days of the week.

But, then again there are also days when I am too lazy and sleepy to even lift a finger.

I’ve been lifting for over a year now. Right now, I can lift 70 kg on the bench

But still, that doesn’t deny the fact that some days I don’t have the strength to do even one single push up.

I make my own healthy meal preps for the following week.

But sometimes the only thing my body craves is fast food. Like that freshly baked pizza from the local pastry shop, or that juicy burger that just came up on my feed.

I have killer abs and toned legs.

But, then again, I also have cellulite on my buttocks as well as rolls on my tummy when I sit.

My point is, none of this affects me in any way. Some would rush off and judge me that I am not disciplined enough and that I’m not working out the way I should be, but the only thing that I have to say to those people is – My life, MY RULES.

I am in shape. It might not be the perfect shape, but I still work hard on myself. And it is not because I hate my body and I want to change it. I work out because it makes me a better person. I work out because it makes me stronger and more importantly healthier. It gives me the possibility to do things that I never imagined I could do. It makes me happy.

I run, I exercise, I challenge my self in any way possible because my goal is to be fit. Not skinny.

So, excuse me but I won’t ever let any of you shame me for my choices. As I said, I like being active and I like eating healthy, but then again, I also enjoy spending a whole day in bed, munching on some fries and sipping Coke. It’s all about finding that happy balance in life.

At the end of the day, what is the meaning of your existence, if you cannot allow yourself to enjoy your time while you’re here?

So, to all of my ladies who struggle with this, hear me out!

You are the only person responsible for your life and what you choose to do with it. No one out there is powerful enough to change the rules that you’ve established for yourself. 

Embrace a healthy lifestyle. But, also, embrace the hamburger. Embrace the sweating. But don’t forget to embrace your cellulite. Embrace that smoothie. But also, embrace the pizza.

Whatever you choose to do, embrace your body. You owe that to yourself.

Stephanie Reeds